Anatii, a well-known musician, producer, and songwriter hailing from South Africa, has undergone a few name changes in his career, transitioning from Thunderkat to Anati Royal before adopting his current moniker. Born Anathi Bhongo Mnyango, Anatii explores various music genres, including afrobeat, hip-hop, pop, and R&B.

Remarkably, Anatii began singing at the tender age of nine, turning professional by the age of 16. His musical journey serves as an inspiration not only to the youth in South Africa but also on an international scale. Anatii's vision extends beyond creating music; he aspires to bring about positive change and transformation through his art. In 2017, he received recognition as the Young Independents Influencer of the Year.

Accumulating numerous awards, Anatii remains committed to motivating young individuals through his remarkable talent. His overarching goal is to contribute to making the world a better place. Anatii encourages youth to dream big, emphasizing the importance of hard work in achieving excellence. His message resonates with the belief that nothing worthwhile comes without diligent effort.

Early Life

Born on January 8, 1993, in Bisho town, Eastern Cape Province, Anatii's early life was shaped by his parents' business ventures, including a clothing boutique, and his father's side gig as a DJ. Growing up in London, he exhibited musical talent early on, creating his first hit at the tender age of nine. Tragedy struck when, at 15, Anatii's father passed away after the family relocated to Johannesburg.

Anatii's father, a renowned DJ and radio presenter, laid the foundation for his son's musical aspirations. Raised alongside three siblings, including musician Ma Nala, Anatii was immersed in a musical environment from a young age. Despite his youth, Anatii's career boasts diversity and success.

At 15, Anatii collaborated with Grammy Award-winning composer Lebo M, contributing to four songs and co-producing a track for the 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup opening ceremony. Motivated by rapper Jozi, Anatii saved up to buy his first laptop, a crucial tool for his music production endeavors. Collaborating with acclaimed music teacher RJ Benjamin, Anatii honed his hip-hop skills, setting the stage for his impressive career at just 26 years old.


Anatii embarked on his professional music career at the age of 16, securing a significant placement with L-Tido for the track "When It Rains."

In 2016, Anatii released his debut studio album, "Artiifact," featuring collaborations with notable South African artists such as AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, and Uhuru. The album also included international talents like Tiwa Savage, Faarrow, and Omarion.

Recognizing his influence, Anatii was honored as The Young Independents Influencer of the Year in August 2017. A testament to his style, GQ South Africa acknowledged Anatii as one of the best-dressed men in the country in October 2017.

Anatii extended his impact beyond music by becoming a high-level influencer for the LuQuLuQu project initiated by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. The project, officially launched in South Africa in November 2017, showcased Anatii's commitment to humanitarian causes.

In 2018, Anatii secured a spot on Forbes Africa's 30 Under 30 Creatives list, highlighting his influence and accomplishments. Additionally, Anatii wears the hat of an entrepreneur as the proud owner of YAL Entertainment. Through these diverse achievements, Anatii continues to make a mark in both the music industry and various impactful ventures.

Personal Life

Anatii, expressing a deep affinity for nature and open spaces, channels this love into his latest album, "Iyeza." In this musical creation, Anatii reflects on his upbringing in a "free generation" South Africa, portraying his evolution into a spiritual being.

Beyond his musical journey, Anatii also shares his life with Kay-Lynne Cloete.


Studio Albums

Artiifact (2016)

Be Careful What You Wish For (with AKA) - 2017

Iyeza (2018)


"Thunder Thighs" (2012)

"Bananaz" (featuring DJ Khaled) - 2014

"Freedom" (2014)

"The Saga" (featuring AKA) - 2015

"Feeling on Me" (2015)

"Hours" (2016)

"Jump" (with Cassper Nyovest featuring Nasty C) - 2016

"10 Fingers" (with AKA) - 2017

"Don't Forget To Pray" (with AKA) - 2017

"Thixo Onofefe" (2018)

"Ntloni" (2018)