Anele Zondo

South African artist Anele Zondo, also known as Ney The Bae, is making a move into the Amapiano music scene with her latest track, 'Johnny.' In recent years, Amapiano has been steadily gaining global recognition, attracting artists from various musical backgrounds. Anele Zondo, a well-known hip-hop star and TV presenter, is the latest addition to this trend.

In a conversation with ZiMoja following the release of her debut Amapiano hit 'Johnny,' Anele emphasized that she sees herself as a musician rather than being tied to any specific genre. This isn't the first time she has explored different musical genres. Anele noted that her initial EP, 'YTYKM - You Think You Know Me,' incorporated a blend of four distinct genres, showcasing her versatility and willingness to experiment.

Anele Zondo's journey in the music industry hasn't been without its share of challenges. As an independent artist, she had to work hard to establish herself, and she acknowledges that comprehending the intricacies of the music business takes time. She expressed her experiences, saying that finding her feet as an independent artist has been tough and that it takes time to fully understand the music business. Nevertheless, she remains undeterred in her pursuit of musical success.

Anele describes 'Johnny' as a "feel-good dance song" that draws inspiration from a nursery rhyme she cherished in her childhood.

A distinguishing feature of Anele’s music is the personal touch derived from her experiences, enriched with creativity and an excellent selection of collaborators. Anele is discerning in her choice of artists to work with, stating that most of her features are organic. She has joined forces with Optimist Music and Boi Bizza, both known for their achievements in the Amapiano genre, and master producer Tony Duardo, resulting in a successful and appealing track.

While Anele is renowned for her thought-provoking and entertaining hip-hop bars, her exploration of Amapiano reflects her desire to showcase her musical versatility. She said her major aim is to deliver songs she can relate to and feel passionately about.

Anele's journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by numerous achievements, from gracing red carpets to hosting prestigious award ceremonies. She remains appreciative of her upbringing, which was infused with various musical influences. Her father's love for classics, such as Barry White, Earth, Wind and Fire, Tina Turner, and Whitney Houston, has contributed to her eclectic musical background. She also developed a taste for hip-hop, pop, and more contemporary sounds, which further enriched her musical palette.

As she continues her musical journey, Anele is eager to share her collaborations with favorite local artists, and she also harbors aspirations to work with several international artists.