Blueface & Jaydin Alexis Engage in Twitter Banter after IG Post of Blueface and his newborn son, Chrisean Jr.

Blueface may have missed the birth of his first son with Chrisean Rock, and he certainly didn't make the first few weeks of motherhood easy on her with his constant social media attacks, but it looks like the rapper is ready to step up and be a father. Much to the surprise of the internet, he and Jaidyn Alexis seem to have gone parted ways. In a series of scathing tweets on X, She confirmed that she's no longer a part of his MILF Music label. This happened around the same time that a video of Chrisean Rock signing a "forever" contract with Blueface went viral.

Since then, the Baltimore native has also shared the first photos of her baby daddy and her son. In the post below, the days-old infant snuggles up in bed with a shirtless Blue, both of them comfortably sleeping. "Daddy and I," the caption on the little boys IG post reads. In the comments, the "Thotiana" rapper clarified that he didn't consent to having his photo taken. "Rock had my [phone]… But it's me [and] my son so f**k it 🤷🏽‍♂️."

In the midst of Alexis lashing out at her co-parent, he let some tea of his own leak in a series of tweets that have since been deleted. According to what is mentioned in the post that is located above, he said, "When I first started rappin' Jaidyn didn't support me or my music." "Because of this, I didn't really take her seriously when we first started talking on the internet. The controversial musician went on to say, "One day I was [on my way] to the studio [and] and told me I would never be Nipsey or P. Diddy." "It was motivating to prove her wrong, and that's the reason why I ain't marrying her."

Not only has Blueface, who is now 26 years old, been dealing with turmoil for several months now from both of his baby moms, but it now appears that fellow rapper Lil Baby has taken an interest in the situation. The musician, who hails from Atlanta, shared a preview of an upcoming song over the weekend, in which he appears to make a dig at his old employer.