Bonnie Mbuli, formerly known as Bonnie Henna, is a versatile South African actress, businesswoman, and television personality renowned for her significant impact on social media. Her influence extends to her role as a presenter on SABC3, where she has gained widespread recognition for her outspoken personality and impressive presentation skills, notably on the Afternoon Express show, a favorite among viewers. Mbuli's commanding presence has garnered a dedicated following in South Africa and beyond. Since 2020, she has showcased her talent in the BBC drama series Noughts + Crosses.

Known for her unwavering standards and commitment to excellence, Bonnie Mbuli is a highly successful celebrity who consistently strives for the best in her endeavors. Beyond her professional achievements, she is recognized as a devoted family woman, fiercely protective of her loved ones. Transitioning into roles as a radio and television presenter, she has solidified her reputation on prominent social media platforms.

At the peak of her life, Bonnie Mbuli is a dynamic individual with a diverse skill set, including expertise in radio presentation, television hosting, and acting. Her impeccable sense of style, evident in her choices related to love, fashion, and hairstyles, resonates positively with her audience. Despite facing challenges, Mbuli exhibits resilience and always manages to bounce back, contributing to her enduring success.

Early Life and Education

Bonnie Mbuli, born on March 3, 1979, in Soweto, South Africa, began her journey to stardom at an early age. As the eldest of three siblings, she attended the Dominican Convent School in Belgravia, Johannesburg, and later Greenside High School in Greenside, Johannesburg. Mbuli's discovery happened unexpectedly when, at the age of 13, she was spotted by an actor's agent at a bus stop on her way home from school. This chance encounter led to her first television role in the series "Viva Families" in 1992.

Having risen to fame during her teenage years, Bonnie Mbuli has continued to make a mark in the entertainment industry. As the firstborn in her family, she has not only pursued a successful career as an actress but has also ventured into lucrative business opportunities. Her stunning presence extends from her personal life to her impressive filmography, showcasing a multifaceted talent that has earned her both recognition and financial success.


Bonnie Mbuli's career boasts a diverse range of roles in both television and film. Following her early start with a cameo in international productions such as "Born Free 2" and "Cave Girls," she transitioned to presenting various magazine programs for television, including "Teleschool," "Zapmag," "Technics Heart of the Beat," and "Limits Unlimited."

In 2001, Mbuli secured a lead role in the television soap opera "Backstage," targeted at South African youth. Subsequently, she portrayed the character Portia in "Gazlam" and appeared in the detective series "Zero Tolerance." Mbuli's versatility in the entertainment industry expanded as she hosted the talk show "True-Life" on SABC 1, earned a role in the mini-series "Homecoming," and featured in Canadian television series such as "Charlie Jade" and "Scouts Safari."

Her significant contributions also include lead roles in television series like "Soul City" and "Hillside" for SABC 1 and SABC 2, as well as "The Philanthropist" for NBC, later airing on SABC 3. In film, she portrayed singer Dolly Radebe in "Drum" and played the lead role in the Danish film "Blinded Angels." Notably, Mbuli depicted Precious Chamusso in the 2006 film "Catch a Fire" and portrayed Zindzi Mandela in Clint Eastwood's "Invictus."

Her television roles extended to's "Rhythm City," Mzansi Magic's "Rockville" as Dudu, and's crime investigation series "Traffic." In 2015, Mbuli starred opposite Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh as policewoman Grace Mthembu in the British series "Wallander." Since 2020, she has showcased her talent as Jasmine Hadley in the British series "Noughts + Crosses."

Personal Life

Bonnie Mbuli's personal life has been marked by significant events, including her marriage to Sisanda Henna, a well-known actor and television personality. Their eight-year union came to an end in 2013, culminating in an official divorce and separation. Despite the dissolution of their marriage, Bonnie retained the Henna surname, embracing it alongside her maiden name. Together, they had a biological child and adopted another.

Approximately four years after the divorce, Bonnie introduced her fans to her white boyfriend, Nathaniel Roloff, sparking various reactions. The interracial relationship garnered attention, but Bonnie's evident happiness with Nathaniel spoke volumes about their strong connection. Nathaniel's thoughtful planning and presence at Bonnie's 40th birthday celebration further solidified his place as a significant figure in her life.

Before their separation, Bonnie and Sisanda Henna welcomed two adorable children, Haniel Henna and Micaiah Henna, both of whom are now in Bonnie's custody. Recent events brought Bonnie Mbuli into the spotlight on Twitter, where she shared a racial incident involving her son being pushed off a bicycle by an unknown woman. Despite her persistent efforts to identify the woman, she faced challenges. Bonnie's actions underscore her role as a protective and fearless mother.

Bonnie Mbuli’s Book

Bonnie Mbuli has achieved success as an author with the publication of her autobiography, titled "Eyebags and Dimples." This bestselling memoir provides readers with a glimpse into her life, filled with suspense and intriguing narratives. It seems that the book has resonated well with her audience. Additionally, there are indications that she may be working on a second book, promising more insights and revelations for those eager to delve further into her story.


Gaz'lam (2003 - 2004)

Drum (2004)

Catch A Fire (2006)

Invictus (2009)

Survivor South Africa: Maldives (2011)

Traffic (2014)

Wallander (2015)

Barakat (2020)

Vagrant Queen (2020)

Noughs + Crosses (2020 - Present)

Family Time (2021)

Parish (2023)