Busiswa Gqulu, widely recognized as Busiswa, is a South African singer-songwriter and poet hailing from the vibrant Xhosa community. Renowned for her dynamic performances and passionate commitment to music and poetry, Busiswa has earned a dedicated global following.

Her journey to the limelight began with a significant feature on DJ Zinhle's track, "My Name Is," a discovery facilitated by Kalawa Jazmee's CEO Oskido. Following this collaboration, Busiswa unleashed a string of hit singles, including "Ngoku" and "Lahla," and made a notable appearance on Bhizer's chart-topper, "Gobisiqolo."

On December 8, 2017, Busiswa marked her debut album, "Highly Flavoured," featuring the lead single "Bazoyenza." Throughout her career, she has garnered numerous accolades, earning a spot in the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans in 2014.

Early Life and Education

Born on November 8, 1988, in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Busiswa's family later moved to Durban when she was young. At the age of 15, she discovered her love for poetry, delivering her first piece at her grandmother's funeral while in grade 11. Joining the Young Basadzi Women of Poetry collective in 2005, Busiswa showcased her poetic talents at various events, including corporate functions and festivals. She also initiated "1st Word Sessions," her monthly poetry events at the Bat Centre in Durban.

After high school, Busiswa pursued poetry while working at an art center, teaching arts to school children. Facing financial challenges, she didn't complete her tertiary education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal but instead embarked on a musical career, a choice supported by her understanding parents.

Busiswa’s Career Journey

Busiswa's journey to musical prominence took an unexpected turn when she, while performing at live poetry readings, met a friend who introduced her to Sir Bubzin. Invited to feature on the track "Syaphambana," she mesmerized with her poetic prowess. The collaboration caught the attention of Oskido, Kalawa Record's CEO, leading to her signing with the record label after they heard the captivating track. The song was later included in the Kalawa Jazmee Dance compilation in 2011.

In the same year, Oskido invited Busiswa to record "My Name Is Busiswa," produced by DJ Zintle. The collaboration was a major success, marking her move to Johannesburg and signing with Kalawa Jazmee Records. The track became a hit, earning her gigs in various countries and nominations at prestigious awards like the Channel O Africa Music Video Award and the South African Music Award for Record of the Year.

Busiswa continued her musical journey with the release of the dance hit "Ngoku" in March 2013, accompanied by a vibrant video. The track gained significant airplay, securing commercial success and winning the Most Gifted Dance category at the 2014 Channel O Africa Music Video Awards.

In November 2013, she released "Lahla," featuring Dj Bucks and Uhuru, and its video garnered over a million views on YouTube. Further performances followed, including a showcase at the 2015 Metro FM Awards.

Busiswa's involvement in Clash of the Choirs in September 2016 showcased her diverse talents as a Choirmaster. She later announced her debut album, "Highly Flavoured," released in August 2017, earning nominations at the South African Music Awards.

The release of her second studio album, "Summer Life," in November 2018, marked a significant moment in her career as she ventured into independent releases under her company Busiswa Entertainment. Collaborations with artists like Prince Kaybee on "Banomoya" and features on Beyoncé's "The Lion King: The Gift" album highlighted her growing influence.

In 2019, Busiswa received nominations at the 25th South African Music Awards and collaborated with Amapiano musician Gaba Cannal in 2020. Her third studio album, "My Side of the Story," released in the same year, showcased her versatility by embracing AmaPiano.

Other Business Ventures

Busiswa Gqulu extends her passion for the arts to make a positive impact on young lives. At Art for Humanity (AFH), Busiswa takes on the role of a facilitator for children's workshops. In this capacity, she plays a pivotal role in guiding and assisting children to develop an appreciation for both visual arts and poetry. By imparting her knowledge and love for these creative expressions, Busiswa contributes to the enrichment of young minds, fostering artistic exploration and self-expression.

Busiswa is actively involved in youth development initiatives in collaboration with the Department of Education in the Umlazi District. Here, she takes on the role of a tutor, offering guidance to young individuals in areas such as public speaking, performance poetry, and debating. Through these educational endeavors, Busiswa strives to empower the youth, providing them with valuable skills and opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. Her commitment to education and youth development reflects a broader dedication to making a positive impact beyond the stage and studio.Her commitment extends beyond the stage, reflecting a multifaceted artist dedicated to empowering others.

Personal Life

Busiswa Gqulu's formative years were profoundly shaped by the care and guidance of her late mother and grandmother. Their influence played a pivotal role in molding her strong and resilient personality, laying the foundation for her remarkable journey in the world of music and beyond.


On 8 November 2017, Busiswa shared a significant moment in her life with her followers on Instagram—she revealed her pregnancy. This revelation marked a new chapter for the artist. On 8 January 2018, she welcomed her son, Kgosi Lakhanya Gqulu, into the world. Motherhood brought a new dimension to Busiswa's life, adding depth to her experiences and inspiring her in both her personal and creative endeavors. Katlego Mlangeni is the father of Busiswa's baby. Busiswa is yet to get married.

“Her Majesty: Busiswa" Documentary-Reality Show

In March 2021, Busiswa introduced her own creation, a documentary-reality show titled "Her Majesty: Busiswa." The show premiered on BET Africa, offering viewers an intimate and authentic glimpse into Busiswa's life. This venture allowed fans to witness the multifaceted aspects of her journey, from the joys of motherhood to the challenges and triumphs of her music career. "Her Majesty: Busiswa" provided a unique opportunity for audiences to connect with the artist on a personal level, showcasing the woman behind the music and the various roles she navigates in her everyday life.


In August 2017, Busiswa announced the release of her debut album, "Highly Favoured." The lead single of the album, Highly Favored, was "Bazoyenza," setting the stage for a musical journey that showcased Busiswa's versatility and collaboration with notable artists such as DJ Maphorisa, Busi N, Lando, Yasirah, Moozlie, Nokwazi, DJ Toxic, DJ Athie, and Da Fre. The album received recognition with a nomination for the Best Kwaito Album award at the South African Music Awards (SAMA). Busiswa herself was nominated for the Best Female Artist award at the same prestigious event.

In the same year, Busiswa's presence extended to collaborations with other artists. She featured in Tipcee's "Isichathulo" and DJ Maphorisa's "Vuvushka," showcasing her ability to seamlessly blend her talent with diverse musical styles.

On the 31st of August 2018, the infectious song "Banomoya" by Prince Kaybee was released. Busiswa played a significant role in the track, along with TNS. The song quickly gained popularity, adding another dimension to Busiswa's musical journey.

Stepping into independence, Busiswa released her second album, "Summer Life," on the 12th of November 2018. This album marked a new chapter as it was independently launched under Busiswa Entertainment. The album featured the hit song "Busiswa," contributing to Busiswa's growing reputation as a prominent figure in the music industry. In 2019, "Summer Life" earned Busiswa a nomination for the Best Dance Album award at the 25th South African Music Awards.

Busiswa’s studio albums are:

Highly Flavoured (August, 2017)

Summer Life (2018)

My Side of the Story (2020)


2013   - Channel O Africa Music Video Award - Most Gifted Dance category

2015   - All Africa Music Awards               - Best Female (Southern Africa)

2018   - South African Music Awards                   - Best Kwaito Album

2019   - Feather Awards                                          -  Channel O Africa Music Video Award