On his newest album, Solomon, which came out this past Friday, Cassper Nyovest pays tribute to the late Kiernan AKA Forbes and Costa Titch with a song on his new album, Solomon.

The feud between the two rappers continued until Kiernan was slain in Durban on the 10th of February 2023 after being shot many times. He passed away.

Nyovest expressed his sorrow by going to pay his respects to the deceased rapper's family.

Cass discussed the late star as well as the late Costa Titch, who passed away in March while onstage at a show.

“When I heard it, I was just as hurt as the Megacy,” … “And you’re still shining, yeah we see you in the starlights. And all the bullsh** that was said don’t matter at all.”

“The other day I went to see your family, and I was scared cause I thought that they’d be mad at me. But they embraced me, your momma is a lady and your father might be cooler than you, maybe.”

“Everybody miss you, Auntie Lynn and Uncle Tony we’re all with you. And every time that you feel down, we will lift you.”

In his message to Costa, he rapped, “My dude you were awesome, I know we had a little issue, we’re human.”

On Thursday, Nyovest revealed how the passing of AKA had touched him personally.

“That was a tough song to write,” he said. “I never thought ever in my life that I’d be writing a song about Kiernan (AKA) in that light.

“When I heard of his passing, I couldn’t even express the pain I was feeling because of our relationship, we hated each other… I was shocked myself, I was so sad. I realized how important he was to me and I felt for his family and his kid.”