Costa, born Costa Tsobanoglou in Nelspruit Mpumalanga, South Africa, was a highly talented rapper and songwriter. Originally making his mark in the entertainment scene as a dancer, he eventually transformed into a recognized rapper, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape in South Africa. His journey in music was deeply influenced by his early love for the art, shaping him into the artist he became until his untimely passing.

The breakthrough moment for Costa Titch came with his hit song, "Activate," propelling him into the spotlight and significantly expanding his fan base. Following this success, the tracks "Nkalakatha" and "Phezulu," featuring rap diva Boity, further endeared him to music enthusiasts, gaining widespread popularity. Costa Titch not only showcased his rap skills but also demonstrated his prowess as a dancer through high-quality visuals accompanying his releases.

In the dynamic South African music scene, Costa Titch emerged as one of the rapidly ascending artists. Despite the challenges, his transition from a dancer to a rapper played a pivotal role in establishing his fame in the industry. His contribution to the rap landscape, particularly in popularizing the Afro-trap genre, positioned him as one of the influential figures during a transformative period in rap music.

Costa Titch's legacy lives on through his impactful contributions to the music industry, reminding fans of his unique blend of talent as both a rapper and a dancer. His ability to navigate and excel in different facets of the entertainment world solidifies his place as a notable figure in South African music history.

Early Life

Costa Titch, the South African rapper, spent his formative years in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Born on September 10, 1995, he was nurtured by his parents, with a Greek father and a South African mother shaping his upbringing.

Costa's inherent talent for dance became apparent at an early age. Encouraged by his friends, he would showcase his dance skills during leisure hours, foreshadowing the artistic path he would later embark upon.

Upon completing his tertiary education, Costa Titch made a pivotal decision to move to Johannesburg in 2014, driven by the aspiration to build a career in the entertainment industry. This move marked a significant chapter in his journey, setting the stage for his rise in the South African music scene.

In reflecting on his influences, Costa often acknowledged the impact of his mother on his musical journey. He shared insights into the advice she gave him during his formative years, emphasizing the importance of the company he kept. According to his mother's wisdom, the friends one surrounds themselves with can profoundly influence their success in life, a lesson that resonated with Costa and contributed to shaping his path in the world of music.


Costa Titch, initially drawn to entertainment in his younger years, initially pursued dance as a hobby. His journey into professional dancing began in Johannesburg, where, at the age of 15, he took it seriously alongside his best friend, Benny Chill. After relocating to Johannesburg in 2014, Costa, along with Tumi Tladi and Phantom Steeze, formed the New Age Steez dance crew and participated in the Hip Hop International Dance Competition.

Despite finishing with the 14th position in the competition, Costa Titch's versatility as a dancer shone through, as he embraced various styles, including hip-hop, contemporary, and more. As his dancing career gained traction, he started receiving choreography jobs, expanding his fan base within the industry. However, it was during this time that his burgeoning interest in rap started gaining momentum.

Costa's unique rap style, an infusion of indigenous trap music, garnered attention and propelled him into the limelight, especially after the release of his hit song "Activate." Collaborating with notable figures like Cassper Nyovest, he made a successful transition from dancing to becoming one of the pioneers of African trap music. His rap style, characterized by high-energy drum samples and the incorporation of Isizulu lines, resonated well with traditional music enthusiasts and influenced other artists in the genre.

In 2020, Costa Titch released his debut album, "Made In Africa," featuring collaborations with South African artists such as AKA, Riky Rick, and Boity. The album received critical acclaim, earning him three nominations at the South African Hip Hop Awards 2020. His track "Ayeye" conveyed an uplifting message, resonating with audiences facing life's challenges. Another hit, "Big Flexa," set a record as the most viewed Amapiano music video on YouTube in December 2022.

Costa's influence extended beyond South Africa, collaborating with Senegalese-American singer Akon for a remix of "Big Flexa," featuring contributions from Amapiano musician Alfa Kat and producer Ma Gang. This collaboration further highlighted Costa Titch's growing impact on the African music scene.

Recently, he graced the DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards stage alongside DJ Cleo, Phantom Steeze, and the Eskhaleni team, concluding the event in grand style. As Costa Titch continues to make strides in the music industry, his versatile talents and unique style solidify his position as one of the rising stars in South African music.

Personal Life

Fans have long been curious about Costa Titch's ethnicity, often referring to him as the "white guy who raps in isiZulu." In an interview, Costa shed light on his linguistic background, revealing his affinity for South African languages. Despite his preference for Swati, he found himself compelled to study Afrikaans in school.

Costa Titch explained that his decision to create hip-hop music in Zulu stemmed from a recognition that "English is not on" in South Africa. This choice reflects his deep connection to the local culture and his desire to resonate with a broader audience through a language that holds significance in the South African context. Costa Titch's embrace of isiZulu in his music not only showcases his linguistic versatility but also demonstrates his commitment to authentically connecting with his audience in the diverse and vibrant cultural landscape of South Africa.


The revered rapper, Costa Titch, faced a distressing incident during his performance at the Ultra Music Festival held at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg. Reports indicate that he collapsed on stage in front of fans. Social media footage captured the moment when he stumbled and fell to the ground, requiring assistance to regain his feet.

 Remarkably, Costa Titch persevered and completed his track shortly after the initial fall. However, a few seconds later, he collapsed again. Tragically, this unfortunate incident occurred on March 11, 2023, leading to his subsequent passing in the hospital. The cause of his death remains unknown, although there are indications that the flashing lights on the stage might have triggered seizures that ultimately led to the tragic outcome.

It has been reported that Costa Titch had a history of experiencing seizures, with this incident marking another instance during a live performance. Emergency responders and those who came to the rapper's aid after the collapses were acknowledged and appreciated by his family.

The Tsobanoglou family, dealing with the loss of Costa, expressed gratitude for the support and urged the public to keep them in their prayers during this challenging time. The circumstances surrounding Costa Titch's untimely passing have left fans and the music community mourning the loss of a talented and iconic figure in the South African music scene.


Costa Titch's musical prowess left an indelible mark on the hearts of many music enthusiasts in the country. Renowned for his exceptional touch of excellence in songwriting and production, he captivated a wide audience with his unique talent. Collaborating with other top artists in the industry further solidified his success.

Throughout his journey in the music entertainment industry, Costa Titch showcased his versatility and creativity through the release of various albums. Some of these notable albums include:

Studio albums

Made in Africa (2020)

Mr. Big Flexa (2022)

Collaborative albums

You're Welcome (2021) feat. AKA

Extended plays

For Real Trappers Only (2018)

Wonderland (2018)

Trapiano Vol. 1 (2022)


Gqom Land

Fallen Kings


The talented rapper has been nominated for several awards but has won two, which are:

He won the Best Collaboration Award in the South African Hip Hop Awards, 2020

He won the Viewers’ Choice Award in the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival, 2023