Celebrity power couple Zinhle Mohosana, popularly known as DJ Zinhle, and Bongani Mohosana, also known as Mörda, are deeply in love, and their affection for each other is evident for all to see. They consistently support each other in their respective successes, and their bond shines brightly. Earlier on, DJ Zhinle took to X (formerly twitter) and addressed an issue concerning the disrespect of her husband and her family. She made mention of the trolls who came at the time of shooting with the musician Usher. Zhinle said that she thinks sometimes, people forget that when they talk about her life, they are not talking about an episode on generations rather her real life. She also emphasized that her response depends on how she fels emotionally, stating that some things will touch her while some things won’t.

Recently, DJ Zinhle took to X (formerly Twitter) to shower praise and congratulations on her husband's latest achievement - the release of his second solo album, named after their daughter Asante. She expressed her admiration for his talent, describing the album, "Asante 2," as everything extraordinary.

Fans of the couple enthusiastically agreed with her sentiments, and many anticipated that the new album would dominate summer playlists. "Asante II" boasts 12 tracks, featuring DJ Zinhle on two of them, "Only God" and "OK Mörda." The album also showcases collaborations with other talented artists such as Murumba Pitch, Mthandazo Gatya, Brenden Praise, Thakzin, and Leko M.

Notably, Mörda recently rebranded from Murdah Bongz, but this solo venture does not imply a separation from his partnership with Thabo Smol of Black Motion. In fact, they may surprise their fans with new music in the coming years.

Earlier this year, Mörda took to social media to express his deep love for DJ Zinhle. He credited her for bringing completeness and happiness into his life, referring to her as Queen Mörda. In response, DJ Zinhle reciprocated with affectionate words, expressing her gratitude for the family they've created together and her profound love for him.

The couple's public displays of affection and unwavering support for each other continue to captivate their fans, showcasing a beautiful love story in the world of music and entertainment.