DJ Zinhle, who is a businesswoman and a mother of two, has faced scrutiny and criticism on social media numerous times. This often led her to explain her decisions or defend herself. Unfortunately, her eight-year-old daughter, Kairo Forbes, whom she had with the late rapper AKA, also became a target of social media critics, particularly on platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter). Due to this, Zinhle told Sunday World that she and her family have decided to gradually remove their two daughters, Kairo and Asante, from social media.

Zinhle expressed her desire to completely remove her children from social media, recognizing that her late partner, AKA, had concerns about their online presence. In the first episode of "DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected" season three, which aired on BET Africa, the topic was discussed. During this episode, Zinhle spent quality time with Kairo's grandmother, Lynn Forbes, who shared a dream she had in which AKA emphasized the need to limit their daughter's exposure on social media.

DJ Zinhle was in an unstable relationship with the now-deceased South African rapper AKA. They had a lot of break-ups and make-ups which drew the attention  of fans on social media. Zinhle was criticized on Twitter for getting back together with AKA and called her everything from "desperate" to "someone who forgives easily." She gave no ears to the criticisms and comments instead she said she had no regrets about her decision in an interview on Yours Sincerely. The couple later broke up in January, 2020.

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes who was professionally known as AKA, tragically lost his life when he was shot and killed outside a Durban restaurant on February 10 of this year. Following a recent incident on social media involving Kairo, Lynn decided to break her social media hiatus to clarify matters.

This issue started when Kairo paid tribute to her late father on stage during the Galaxy 947 Joburg Day event on 2nd of September. Unfortunately, she faced harsh criticism from online critics who accused the family of "exploiting" the eight-year-old. Lynn responded to these critics, emphasizing that Kairo's decision to perform was entirely her own, and no one had forced her to do so.