DJs Shimza and Zinhle discuss the toxicity on the X platform

The revamped social media platform X, formerly recognized as Twitter, has earned a reputation for its often spicy and unabashed style, but an increasing number of celebrities are raising concerns about certain users turning the platform into a “toxic” space.

Renowned DJ Shimza took to his X timeline to illustrate the interactions he encounters across various social media platforms. In his candid assessment, he highlighted the differences in the responses he receives from each platform’s users. On Instagram, he encouraged users to express themselves freely. In contrast, for Facebook, he humorously advised commenters to keep their comments concise and free of spelling errors. He playfully referred to them as the “comment readers association.”

However, his portrayal of X was far less flattering, as he pointed out that the platform often harbors individuals expressing disdain and even wishing harm upon him.His tweet resonated with a chorus of users who expressed shared sentiments about the negativity that frequently pervades X. Some users mentioned that the platform seems to attract people with personal issues, directing their frustrations towards strangers in the Twitter space.

This sentiment was further emphasized by another user who labeled X as a hub for “angry people.”DJ Zinhle, a prominent figure in the South African entertainment industry, has not been spared from the unwarranted scrutiny that often occurs on X. She took to her own timeline to vent her frustration, noting that many individuals on the platform tend to pass judgment without possessing the necessary insight into her life. She highlighted the irony of people on X who often react strongly to matters that are not even accurate, yet they exude self-righteousness.In a related incident, a video clip featuring DJ Zinhle and her daughter Kairo was circulating on X.

A blogger had shared the clip, which sparked a negative response from a Twitter user who misunderstood the context of the video. The tweeter said that the child started crying, telling her mom she misses her dad and then her mom sets up a video and started consoling her child. She criticized Zinhle for what was perceived as a contrived situation involving her child’s emotions.

Zinhle, in response, set the record straight, emphasizing that the video had been taken out of context by the blogger who shared it. She clarified that she and her daughter were not engaged in a moment of consolation, as implied in the misleading caption, but rather, they were simply playfully interacting during a visit to Vida. This incident shows the potential for misinformation and misconceptions to arise within the platform.