Felo Le Tee has undeniably established himself as an iconic and highly sought-after entertainer in the music industry. As a renowned DJ, music producer, and singer, he has consistently showcased his exceptional talents. Among his popular tracks are "Ngwana Mani," "66," and "Dipatje Tsa Felo."

The Amapiano star boasts associations with three prominent record labels: Open Bar Music, Elottie Music Records (ZA), and New Money Gang. Within these labels, Felo Le Tee has collaborated with various artists, exemplified by his track "Whistle," featuring DJ Maphorisa, Mellow, Sleazy, and Myztro.

In October 2021, Felo Le Tee made a notable appearance on Mzansi's Idols South Africa reality TV show, delivering an electrifying performance that left many in awe. His versatility as a DJ, music producer, and singer has been further highlighted by the presence of his tracks and albums on popular platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube.

Given his early successes and multifaceted talents, Felo Le Tee has undoubtedly positioned himself as a formidable force in the entertainment industry, and his contributions to the Amapiano genre have solidified his status as a noteworthy figure in the music scene.

Early Life and Education

Felo Le Tee, whose birthdate is the 20th of May, 1996, hails from South African roots. His musical journey began at the tender age of 14, influenced by the captivating world of music introduced to him by his older brother. Inspired particularly by the legendary Michael Jackson, Felo Le Tee found a creative outlet by translating his thoughts into musical expressions.

Born and raised in Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga, a small village in South Africa, Felo Le Tee's early exposure to music set the stage for his future endeavors in the industry. Following his high school education, he pursued further studies at Damelin, a private higher education institution located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Here, he delved into Sound Technology, and according to his LinkedIn profile, he successfully graduated with a degree in engineering in 2016. Additionally, he affirms his roots in a Christian family.


Felo Le Tee's journey in the world of entertainment commenced at the age of 14, fueled by a deep passion for music. Starting with cassette collections, he transitioned to digital systems in 2010, with DJ Mentor playing a pivotal role as an early mentor. DJ Mentor, interestingly, introduced Felo Le Tee to the realm of vinyl, marking a significant moment in his musical evolution.

Beyond his DJing prowess, Felo Le Tee is a multifaceted artist, doubling as a music producer and singer. Tshegofatso Teffo acted as his guide into the world of music production, and his self-taught approach has contributed to his unique and authentic style. Despite lacking formal training, Felo Le Tee's raw talent and ambition have propelled him to significant success as an independent artist.

From a young age, Felo Le Tee harbored the ambition of pursuing a career in music. His positive and motivational songs resonate across age groups, connecting with diverse audiences. One standout track, "Bopha," garnered immense success, earning praise from fans and critics alike.

His DJing journey began with his uncle, Abby, who taught him the basics, and Thobejan, one of his mentors, introduced him to vinyl before progressing to CDJs. Felo Le Tee's determination to advance in the entertainment industry led him to seek guidance from producer and mentor Tsegofatso Tefo, ultimately delving into music production.

In his quest to further his music career, Felo Le Tee continued his studies in South Africa, specializing in Music Engineering under Damelin. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations on various projects, such as "French Kiss" and other singles for DBN Gogo. Notably, he has collaborated with Amapiano artists like Vyno Miller, DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, and Mr. JazziQ, with recent releases making their mark on the iTunes Top 100.

Felo Le Tee's association with three record labels, namely Erotti Music Records (ZA), Open Bar Music, and New Money Gang, highlights his diverse connections within the music industry. His story is one of passion, self-driven determination, and an unwavering commitment to advancing his career in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Felo Le Tee’s Songs

Felo Le Tee has been responsible for some hit Amapiano songs since he began his career in music. Some of his amapianos are:

Ngwana Mani










Whistle Bopha

Shuck n Jive


Felo Le Tee’s Albums

Just living (2013)

The DJs Bible (2018)

Sugar (2016)

We Just Living (2013)

Elijah (2018)

Paradise (2021)