In the 2023 Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig, Kate McKinnon portrays the character Weird Barbie. In this film, Weird Barbie stands out for her unconventional behavior, which includes daring activities like cutting her hair and drawing on it with markers. Gerwig has revealed that in the movie, Weird Barbie takes on an all-knowing persona, much like the character from "The Giver," and she resides in her eccentric house separate from the other Barbies.

To create a costume that mirrors this comical character, follow these steps: start with a pink puffy dress and apply bright fabric paint for a vibrant look. Use a short blonde wig, unevenly cut, to mimic Weird Barbie's distinctive hairstyle. Add blue and pink hair chalk for colorful highlights and face paint crayons for extra fun. Complete the outfit with tall patterned boots. Gather all the necessary accessories to assemble your Weird Barbie costume from the 2023 Barbie movie, ideal for Halloween and cosplay.

Materials and Preparations 

To embody this hilarious character for Halloween, these are what you will be needing to create a DIY Weird Barbie's Signature costume:

The Quirky Wig

Start your DIY Barbie 2023 costume with Weird Barbie's distinctive wig. It features a perfectly uneven cut for a natural yet playful appearance.

Vibrant Hair Chalk

In the world of Weird Barbie 2023 cosplay, you can use hair chalk to experiment with various colorful hairstyles. For now, let's focus on replicating her unique hair using pink and blue hair chalk.

The Pink Puff Sleeve Dress

Just like the Weird Barbie dolls, you'll need to get your hands on a pink dress to complete this look.

Fluorescent Fabric Paint

To create the precise look of Barbie's dress, you'll require fabric paints. Feel free to choose your preferred colors.

Multicolored Boots

The Weird Barbie from the 2023 Barbie movie wouldn't be complete without her signature multicolored boots. Be sure to include these in your costume.

Green Boots

If you prefer an alternative, green boots can also give your Weird Barbie cosplay a distinctive and authentic appearance for Halloween.

By following these straightforward steps and collecting the necessary accessories, you'll be all set to transform into the quirky and unforgettable Weird Barbie from the 2023 Barbie movie.

Weird Barbie’s Makeup

Step 1: Foundation and Powder

Begin by applying foundation to your face and neck for an even skin tone.

Set it with powder to ensure your look stays fresh all night.

Step 2: Contour and Blush

Enhance your cheekbones using a cool-toned contour powder.

Add a peachy-pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Apply highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and forehead for a radiant glow.

Step 3: Eye Makeup

Start with an eyeshadow base on your lid to prevent creasing.

Apply smoky grey eyeshadow across the lid and blend it.

Fill in your brows lightly with a pencil matching your natural brow color.

Create a winged liner with black liquid eyeliner.

Smudge black eyeshadow under your lower lash line for a smoky eyeliner effect.

Step 4: Lips

Choose your favorite Barbie pink lipstick to wear on your lips.

Step 5: Face Details

Use a black eyeliner to draw a messy circle around your right eye.

With a green eyeliner or face paint, draw three stitches on your right cheekbone.

Draw pink and blue zigzag scribbles on your forehead, using light pink lip liner or face paint.

Weird Barbie’s Hairdo

Step 1: Tie your hair back and put on a wig cap.

Step 2: Style your wig—spray the bangs in layers to create a slightly messy look.

Step 3: If necessary, tease some parts to add volume and texture.

Step 4: If you prefer not to cut your wig, tie back the longer pieces and secure them with bobby pins.

Step 5: If you're open to cutting the wig, align the longest hair layer with the next longest layer and cut it straight across.

Step 6: Don't worry about it being perfect—the messier, the better! You can even cut out some chunks to make it blend.

Step 7: Finish with a spritz of hairspray to complete your Weird Barbie transformation.

Clothing, Footwear and Accessories

Step 1: Customize Your Outfit

To embody Weird Barbie, it's not necessary to copy Kate McKinnon's exact movie character. Feel free to put your unique twist on it to make your Halloween costume even more enjoyable. An essential note is that you don't need to find an exact hot pink babydoll dress.

If you have the time and wish for accuracy, there are babydoll dresses resembling Weird Barbie's available at various major retailers like Target, H&M, and Amazon.

However, if you're pressed for time, an oversized pink shirt or an old pink dress from your wardrobe will work. Personalize it by grabbing some colored Sharpies or paint to create your own distinct look.

Step 2: Puffy Pink Dress

Start with a vibrant pink puffy dress that captures Weird Barbie's playful spirit.

Look for a dress with voluminous sleeves to reflect her carefree style.

Elevate your pink puffy dress by using fluorescent fabric paint to add bold and eye-catching patterns, embracing Weird Barbie's artistic nature and her love for unique designs.

Step 3: Footwear

For the footwear aspect, you can replicate it quite easily. In the movie, Weird Barbie sports bright yellow snakeskin knee-high boots, but you don't need to buy new shoes.

Opt for colorful knee-high socks or any brightly patterned long boots to achieve a similar mismatched vibe.

Choose green boots for an unexpected pop of color, symbolizing Weird Barbie's distinctive fashion sense.

Consider multicolor boots to fully embrace her penchant for mixing patterns and colors.

If you have long yellow socks on, there's a DIY option. Use a Sharpie (permanent markers) to create your snakeskin print for a closer replica of the movie look.

Step 4: Accessories

The accessories for Weird Barbie are relatively simple. While she doesn't wear much jewelry, there's an important scene in the movie where she illustrates her choice between her current life (represented by a pink stiletto) and entering the real world (represented by a brown sandal).

To nail your look, bring a heel (pink is ideal, but any color will work in a pinch) in one hand and a sandal in the other. That's it!

This straightforward approach to Weird Barbie will be more than enough to complete your look.

Embrace the Character

Remember, portraying Weird Barbie is not just about clothing and accessories; it's about adopting her playful, imaginative, and carefree spirit.

Get ready to turn heads and spread laughter by dressing up as this unforgettable character from the 2023 Barbie movie at your Halloween gathering!