Hungani Ndlovu is a renowned South African dancer and actor. His career journey started at the tender age of 7, initially making a mark as a dancer before gaining fame as an actor.

In pursuit of his passion for acting, Ndlovu journeyed to the United States, where he honed his craft at Flii’Cademy. Returning to South Africa after completing his studies, he secured his inaugural acting role in "Memoir of an Honest Voice." Subsequently, he graced the screen in various productions, with his notable role in "Scandal" as Romeo, sharing the screen with his wife Stephanie (Ingrid) as his love interest.

Beyond his acting career, Ndlovu is dedicated to empowering emerging artists. He co-founded the Ndlovu Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on nurturing youth to realize their life goals. The foundation serves as a training hub for acting, dancing, and showbiz. Additionally, Ndlovu established the SANS Group (Strong Attitudes Nurture Success), an art development studio.

Presently, he takes on the recast role of T'bose in the popular series "Skeem Saam," showcasing his versatility and commitment to the world of entertainment.

Early Life

Hungani Ndlovu, born on June 19, 1994, hails from Limpopo, South Africa, specifically from Bushbuckridge in Nelspruit, where he spent his formative years. Growing up in a wealthy family within the Tsonga community, Ndlovu, one of four siblings, experienced varying levels of affluence but learned to adapt to different lifestyles.

His father, a diligent provider, ensured the family's needs were met. Ndlovu pursued his passion for acting and dancing, graduating from Flii'Cademy in Los Angeles. Before completing his formal education, he gained valuable stage experience under the mentorship of FliiStylz, a renowned choreographer associated with Chris Brown.

During his time in the United States, Ndlovu drew inspiration from stars like Ian Eastwood, Parris Goebel, Will DaBeast Adams, and Nick DeMoura, pushing himself to master the art of dancing. His dance journey began in childhood, evolving into a career in 2011. Ndlovu, under the name Sbujwa Dance, shares captivating dance move videos on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, showcasing his talent and passion for dance.


Hungani Ndlovu embarked on his career at the tender age of seven in 2001, initially showcasing his prowess in dancing. However, driven by a passion for acting, he transitioned to become an actor. To pursue his acting aspirations, he ventured to the USA, graduating in HipHop Choreography from Flii'Cademy, Los Angeles.

During his time at Flii'Cademy, he underwent three years of training under the guidance of renowned choreographer FliiStylz. Additionally, he enriched his skills at the New York Film Academy, earning an Associate Degree in Acting for Film.

Returning to South Africa, Ndlovu made his mark in the acting world, securing a lead role in the award-winning film "Memoir of an Honest Voice" in 2014, which later received the Best Short Film accolade at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2015. His filmography includes notable works such as "Because You are Black," where he demonstrated his acting prowess and showcased his dance skills for Tuks Senganga.

In 2016, Ndlovu joined the cast of the popular television series "Scandal!" playing the character Romeo. Concurrently, he featured in the film "Because You Are Black" and took on the lead role in the music video for Black Coffee.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Ndlovu is dedicated to empowering the youth. He co-founded the NPO coaching center, "The Ndlovu Foundation," focusing on youth development through dancing and drama. Additionally, he pioneered the establishment of the art development studio "Strong Attitudes Nurture Success Group (SANS)."

His contributions extend to the stage, where he participated in stage plays such as "A Raisin in the Sun" and "A Night with Sam" in 2016. In subsequent years, he continued to make his mark in the film industry with roles in "Sipho" (2018) and "HEKS" (2019).

In July 2023, it was announced that Hungani Ndlovu would be taking on the role of T'bose (Thabo Maputla), replacing Cornet Mamabolo in SABC 1's "Skeem Saam." Beyond his on-screen presence, Ndlovu, known as Romeo Scandal, serves as an art trainer at The Ndlovu Foundation, passionately committed to empowering South African youth and aspiring to bring about positive change in the entertainment industry on a global scale.

Personal Life

Stephanie Sandows, Hungani Ndlovu's wife, shares equal fame in the movie industry and was born in 1991, making her three years older than her husband—an age difference that holds no significance for the couple.

Hungani and Stephanie exchanged vows on February 23, 2019, in an intimate garden wedding that captured public attention when Hungani revealed their plans on Instagram. Despite initially planning the marriage for over a year, Hungani accelerated the process, proposing to Stephanie aboard a plane.

The wedding video, shared on their YouTube channel in February 2020, showcased the couple's special day, with close friends and family attending in stylish attire. Hungani looked dashing in a grey suit paired with a white shirt and white sneakers, while Stephanie radiated elegance in a stunning strapless white wedding gown. The couple will have a daughter in 2022.

Beyond their strong romantic bond, the couple are also business partners. They co-founded the SANS Group, a talent agency nurturing actors and dancers. Their commitment to inspiring others extends to their YouTube vlog, where they share insights for young and aspiring couples.

While acknowledging that marriage has its challenges, Hungani and Stephanie choose to persevere, expressing their commitment to each other daily. Their message of perseverance serves as an inspiration for other couples.

Amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, both Stephanie and Hungani experienced symptoms and tested positive. They openly shared their journey in dealing with COVID-19 in one of the episodes of their vlog.

Known as someone who is a perfectionist, Hungani advises upcoming artists to be cautious when selecting agencies. He emphasizes the prevalence of agencies in South Africa, urging artists to choose reputable ones. Beyond his career, Hungani is dedicated to giving back to society and positively impacting lives in any way he can.

Television Series

Memoir of an Honest Voice (2014)

Because You're Black (2016)

Scandal (2016)

Sipho (2018)

HEKS (2019)

Skeem Saam (2023)