South African Comedian, Trevor Noah has responded to reports that stated he will be getting paid to promote South African tourism to the tune of R33 Million.

Reports suggested that the promo video was a joint effort with the government and tourism sector to promote South Africa to the world.

The reports got South African social media talking as the majority of users on X slammed the government and the comedian for the stunt.

Nevertheless, the comedian added that he knows nothing about the claims that are making the rounds and that he has not been approached by the government or the tourism department. He made this statement while chatting to Carol Ofori on East Coast Radio. Carol Ofori.

“This is the thing … I’ve learned about media online is that people don’t read or they just write articles. Sometimes, I just think it’s AI that’s writing these articles.

“First of all, there is nothing with SA tourism. No one from SA Tourism approached me; there’s nothing from the government. I was talking to hotel groups, 'cause you know South Africa, we need to boost our tourism.”

“(It is) one of the most important sources of our GDP and so I was just talking to these guys, who own hotels, Airbnbs, game lodges, and safaris, about how we can promote South Africa to the world.

“And then I wake up, guys, I wish I had all this money that these people gave me in these newspapers,” he said.

Trevor concluded by taking a jab at people working at media houses, who wrote about the rumor.

Read the report below as published on Fakazanews, one of South Africa's major online news platforms.

Trevor Noah will be paid R33 million to be in a 5 minute advert to promote South Africa to the world.

This week, the chairperson of Parliament’s tourism committee, Tandi Mahambehlala, said one of the issues she questioned Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille about was Trevor Noah costing South Africans R33 million for a five minutes promotional video advert.

Twitter users pour out various reactions upon hearing about the money set to be paid to Trevor.

“There’s absolutely nothing that Trevor Noah has done for South Africans that makes him to deserve R33m from the taxpayers’ money. Yes he made some of us laugh, but thirty three metre ? I smell money laundering here.”