Ice Cube and Elon Musk Exchange Jabs in a brief spat on X.

Ice Cube has calpped back at Elon Musk's attempt to troll him in a tweet on X. The owner of X, which was once known as Twitter, had tweeted one of his notoriously unfunny memes. The text that appeared on the image read, "Remember Ice Cube? The question was accompanied by images of Ice Cube as well as a glass of water. "This is him now, feel old yet?" As is customary, it is most likely that Musk discovered the meme online and afterward made the decision to post it on the website that he owns. Ice Cube, on the other hand, did not think the post was very hilarious (and it is arguable that nobody else did either).

Cube then responded to Elon's meme with one of his own, which he tweeted from his own account. "Do you still use Twitter? This is it now, do you feel foolish yet? Read the meme, which is accompanied by visuals of the previous Twitter logo and a literal dumpster burning. To begin, the meme that Cube posted is far funnier than the one that Elon posted. Second, you can see that it touched a raw nerve because of the large number of users of X Blue tick who posted comments attempting to "own" Cube in retaliation.

Elon Musk is currently a topic of conversation in the public eye for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he was owned by Ice Cube. Musk posted this snapshot of Amber Heard earlier this week that showed her in a costume as the character Mercy from the famous video game Overwatch. A claim that was made by Musk in his newly published biography can now be verified thanks to the inclusion of this photo. Musk asserted in the book that Heard tried hard to cosplay the character after he complimented her on how she looked like the persona. According to the excerpt in question, "So She Spent Two Months Designing And Commissioning A Head-To-Toe Costume So That She Could Role-Play For Him," After Amber Heard's split from Johnny Depp, Elon Musk and Amber Heard began a relationship that lasted intermittently for roughly a year.

It's true that she dressed up as Mercy. It was amazing," Musk commented on X, which was then known as Twitter, as people started to question whether or not the report was accurate. Because of this, Musk shared a photo from his personal collection showing Heard dressed up in the outfit. It is quite likely that this was something that was intended for the bedroom rather than for any other setting, given the distinct lack of layers that can be visible under the cosplay as well as the garter belts that can be seen in the photograph. The representatives of Heard did not immediately react to the demands for comments that were made by a number of sites.

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