If we're being honest, an award show would be nothing without at least a bit of tension and some drama. After a hectic New York Fashion Week, a large number of celebrities, musicians, and socialites have made their way to the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Notable among those in charge of hosting for the evening was Nicki Minaj. She also made the world premiere of a new song that will appear on her upcoming Pink Friday 2 album. This track has been getting the Barbz talking. Selena Gomez's apparent response to hearing Chris Brown's name mentioned during the event is another moment that pop culture nerds are still dissecting.

The actress from Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place" was, to say the least, dissatisfied in a video that had been circulating of her face after the announcement that Breezy had been mentioned as a nominee for the award for Best R&B Artist. HipHopDX adds that when the moment first went viral, Gomez tweeted, "Who cares, lol," in response to the attention it received. Since then, she has stated on her Instagram Story that she will "never again be a meme."

Brown has finally weighed in on the matter, although it took him a few days to do so. In an apparent response to what had been happening recently, Brown shared a telling statement on his own Instagram Story just over the weekend. Over a screen that was completely black, the man who was a father to three children typed, "I'M THE GOAT and you know it 😏❤️." He is not troubled in any way by Selena's expression going viral, despite the fact that trolls want there to be a rivalry between the two parties. Even if the singer wasn't making a direct reference to Gomez in his statement, at least we now know that his confidence is through the roof as we head into R&B season.

Selena Gomez did all in her power to avoid any sort of scandal during the Video Music Awards, but despite her best efforts, she still managed to draw unwanted attention to herself. The former star of Disney Channel is putting all of her efforts into creating new music and expanding her Rare Beauty brand, regardless of how other people feel about her inability to maintain a poker face.

Follow the link below to learn more about her most recent hit, which is apparently about her former boyfriend The Weeknd.