Many companies run contests to promote their brand, but these often don't lead to beautiful stories or life-changing events. However, in the case of Volvo's brand ambassador, Jessica Nkosi, something unusual happened when she organized a competition on Instagram. The prize was a one-week test drive of a Volvo XC60, and the result was far more incredible than anyone expected.

Jessica Nkosi is a well-known South African actress and TV presenter, recognized for her leading roles in soap operas like 'Ayeye,' 'Isibaya,' 'Lavish,' and 'The Queen.'

Out of around 800 entries, Instagrammer Siphosihle Jafta was picked randomly as the winner, but that's just where the incredible story begins.

In the same year that Jessica Nkosi became the brand ambassador for Volvo, Siphosihle Jafta, while studying at Vega School of Branding, secured a week-long job shadowing opportunity on the JET breast awareness campaign.

The advertising agency responsible for organizing the VISA experience at the DSTV Delicious Festival, where Jessica Nkosi was an invited guest, also played a role in bringing Siphosihle Jafta and Nkosi together.

Their paths crossed for the first time at this event, which left a lasting impact on Jafta. She explained that she had been a long-time fan of Jessica Nkosi, having watched her on the TV series 'Isibaya.' Jafta also said that meeting Jessica in person inspired her to pursue a career in personal brand management, and she was deeply impressed by Nkosi's kindness and warmth.

Nine months ago, tragedy struck Jafta's family when her father passed away, leaving her with significant responsibilities despite her young age. As the eldest child, she had to take care of her 18-year-old brother, and life became very challenging.

Touched by Jafta's story, Jessica Nkosi personally handed over the keys for the one-week test drive of the Volvo. This marked the second time that Jafta met her role model in person.

Upon returning the car, a grateful Jafta expressed her love for the experience and mentioned her plans to use a Volvo as transportation for her brother's matric dance in September, intending to make it a special occasion for him.

Siphosihle Jafta's emotions was triggered with the compassion she had already observed in Jessica Nkosi. Together with Volvo, they had one more surprise in store which was an XC60 that the competition winner could use to accompany her brother to his matric dance.

Jafta shared her gratitude, saying that this was the first time in ages that something so wonderful has happened to her and her family. She expressed her profound gratitude towards Volvo Cars South Africa and Jessica Nkosi, emphasizing that their actions went beyond anyone's expectations. It served as a powerful reminder that life can still be filled with beauty and that wonderful things can happen, even during difficult times.