Khuzani Biography

Khuzani, whose full name is Khuzani Nkosikhona Innocent Mpungose, is a prominent South African maskandi singer and songwriter. His journey to fame began when he participated in Mgqumeni's album "iSecret" in 2009. Notably, he gained widespread recognition after securing the Song of the Year for 2020, receiving almost one million votes from Ukhozi FM listeners.

Throughout his career, Khuzani has demonstrated his musical prowess with the release of several successful albums, including the Gold-certified "Isixaxa Samxoki," which achieved Gold status within two months of its release. His achievements have solidified his position as a key figure in the world of Maskandi music.

Given his remarkable contributions to the genre, Khuzani is affectionately known as Inkosi kaMaskandi, translating to the King of Maskandi music. He is also recognized by the moniker King Khuba, signifying his esteemed status in the South African music scene.

Khuzani Biography – Early Life and Educational Background

Khuzani, born on December 3, 1989, grew up in Nkandla, north of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He is the second-born among three siblings, born to parents Muziwephahla Mpungose and Sizakele Mpungose.

Khuzani commenced his educational journey in 1995 at Mvayiza Primary School in Mandaba village in Nkandla, where he remained until 1998. Subsequently, he moved to Sibhakabhaka Primary & High School, also located in Nkandla, where he continued his studies until 2002. In 2009, he successfully matriculated from Sibhakabhaka High School. It was during this significant year that Mpungose received a notable opportunity when he was appointed by Shobeni Khuzwayo to complete the late Mgqumeni's album, titled "iSecret."

During his formative years, Khuzani's musical influences were deeply rooted in the sounds of Mgqumeni (Ibhova likadikadika) and Mtshengiseni Ngcwensa (Indidane). These influences played a pivotal role in shaping Khuzani's musical journey, leading him to pursue a career in the Maskandi genre.

Khuzani Biography – Career Beginings and Achievements

Maskandi artist Mgumeni Khumalo passed away on December 19, 2009, while still working on his album. His record label, Izingane Zoma Music, selected Khuzani, who was only 20 years old at the time, to complete the album due to his voice resembling Mgqumeni’s. The album, named "iSecret," not only was completed successfully by Khuzani but went on to win at the South African Traditional Music Awards (SATMAs).

Taking advantage of his newfound recognition, Khuzani released his debut album, "Bahluleke Bonke," in 2011, which earned the title of Best Selling Album at the Amatshontsho ka Maskandi Awards. Just a year later, he dropped another album, "Amampunge," which made waves in the maskandi industry.

On April 7, 2017, Khuzani released his seventh studio album, "Isixaxa Samaxoki," which quickly achieved gold certification by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) within two weeks of its release. He also won the prestigious prize of closing the annual Maskandi Music event, "Khuphuka Ne zakho Sibone Inkunzi," and secured the R100,000 prize voted for by fans.

In 2017, Khuzani garnered several awards, including Best Maskandi Album, Best Selling Album, and Best Song of the Year at the Amantshontsho Kamaskandi Awards. At the South African Music Awards the same year, he won Best Maskandi Album for "Khuzani – Inyoni yomthakathi."

In the first quarter of 2019, Khuzani participated in the Gcwalisa iMabhida Maskandi Concert, further solidifying his standing as a notable figure in the maskandi music scene.

Khuzani continued to make waves in the music scene with the release of his single "Ijele," featuring Luve Dubazane, on November 27, 2020. The song achieved remarkable success, winning the Ukhozi FM Top 10 Song of the Year with close to a million votes, making it the biggest song in the country. The reception to "Ijele" sparked mixed reactions from South Africans across Mzansi.

In April 2021, Khuzani received recognition at the Nkandla Mayoral Awards, where he was honored for his outstanding achievements in the Maskandi genre. Later, in October 2021, he showcased his talent on an international stage by performing at the Dubai Expo.

Khuzani's collaborative spirit has led him to work with several notable names in the music industry, including Babes Wodumo, Big Nuz, Afro Soul, Andile KaMajola, Osaziwayo, and Imfezemnyama, among others. His extensive discography boasts numerous successful albums and singles, earning him several awards for his contributions to the South African music landscape.

Khuzani Biography – Controversy

Mthandeni Manqele, widely known as Igcokama Elisha, stands as Khuzani's primary rival in the music industry, particularly within the Maskandi genre. Igcokama Elisha, whose real name is Mthandeni Sibusiso Manqele, has established himself as one of the most popular musicians in South Africa within the Maskandi music scene.

The rivalry between Khuzani and Igcokama Elisha has unfortunately led to violent confrontations among their respective fan bases. In 2017, KZN MEC for Arts and Culture, Bongiwe Sithole-Moloi, intervened by appealing for peace among the followers of both artists. This plea came after a closed meeting between Khuzani, also known as 'Indlamlenze' Mpungose, and Mthandeni, 'iGcokama Elisha.'

The purpose of the meeting was to find a resolution to the ongoing feud between the two artists, which had been a source of violent incidents. During the meeting, both Khuzani and Igcokama Elisha agreed to refrain from using sarcastic and defamatory content in their songs, aiming to promote a more peaceful coexistence within the industry.

Khuzani Biography – Personal Life

As of now, Khuzani's relationship status is not publicly disclosed. There was a false rumor circulating among fans, suggesting that the Maskandi singer was getting married to former radio DJ Jacinta Ngobese. However, this rumor proved to be unfounded, and the fan who started it later issued an apology for the misinformation, pledging not to engage in such activities again.


South African Music Awards, 2017
Best Maskandi Album
Amantshontsho kaMaskandi Awards, 2017
Song of the Year
Best Selling
Best Album
KZN Entertainment Awards, 2020
KZN's Most Loved
South African Music Awards, 2023
Best Maskandi Album

Studio albums

Bahluleke Bonke (2011)
Amampunge (2012)
Sixosha Amambuka (2013)
Inj'emnyama (2014)
Isihlahla Samavukane (2015)
Inyoni Yomthakathi (2016)
Isixaxa Samaxoki (2017)
Inhlinini Yoxolo Part 1 (2018)
Inhlinini Yoxolo Part 2 (2018)
Inhloko Nes'Xhanti (2019)
Ispoki Esingafi (2020)
Inja Nogodo (2021)
Umqhele nethawula (2022)
Aliboli Icala (2023)