Lady Du, a South African Amapiano artist, is recognized as a top female DJ and singer in the country. Despite starting her music journey at the age of 9, she faced challenges gaining recognition in the competitive Mzansi music industry. Her breakthrough came in 2020, just when she was almost giving up.

In less than two years within the Amapiano music genre, Lady Du made a notable global impact. She formed connections with influential Amapiano artists, including the late Mpura. The tragic passing of Mpura in a car accident in August 2021 deeply saddened Lady Du.

Early Life

Lady Du whose real name is Duduzile Ngwenya, was born on May 17, 1991, in Vosloorus, Gauteng, South Africa. Growing up in Vosloorus, her father, DJ Choc, a veteran RnB disc jockey, played a significant role in inspiring her love for music. Her uncle is DJ Zan D, adding another musical touch to her family.

Despite her musical passion, Lady Du's father ensured she received an education as a backup plan. After completing high school, Duduzile secured a bursary from Carnival City, allowing her to pursue a somatology course in London.

Her family extends to her brother, Sipho, who is not only an entrepreneur but also a model and road manager. 


Duduzile, under her stage name Lady Du, started her journey into music at a young age, with her father teaching her DJ skills. Impressively, she won her first DJ competition at the tender age of 9. Despite her early success in music, Lady Du initially pursued a career as a somatologist and skin therapist in London. She worked on a world-traveling ship, where she took on various roles, including beauty specialist, teeth whitening professional, safety officer, and even studied firefighting.

In 2012, Lady Du returned to South Africa, initially working in her father's shop and organizing events for a foundation while pursuing her passion for deejaying. However, she faced challenges finding a stable foothold in South Africa's competitive music industry. Under family pressure to explore other paths, she took on a logistics manager job in 2016 but eventually left in 2019 due to the toll it took on her mental health. Unfortunately, this difficult period led to a suicide attempt.

Her breakthrough came in 2020 when Mr JazziQ introduced her to Amapiano music. Within a year, Lady Du's fame soared nationwide, and she achieved global recognition when her picture appeared on a billboard in Times Square, New York City. This marked a significant turning point in her career, establishing her as a prominent figure in the Amapiano genre.

Personal Life

In May 2022, Duduzile and her father, DJ Choc, had a disagreement. DJ Choc posted a video stating that Duduzile didn't grow up poor, contrary to her post. Duduzile explained in an interview that her father, who isn't on social media, misunderstood the post, expressing appreciation for his efforts. She criticized the industry for trying to bring down celebrities by interfering with their family relationships.

Duduzile reconnected with Andile Mxakaza in April 2020 after a ten-year separation. They reignited their previous romance and became engaged in August 2020, with Andile giving her a Bellagio engagement ring. Duduzile stated that accepting his proposal was her best decision, as Andile played a crucial role in helping her overcome depression and reconcile with her family. Andile, a former model and kickboxing exercise specialist, and Duduzile got matching queen and king tattoos on their wrists. Although they presented a couple goals online, they didn't rush to tie the knot.

As of January 2022, Andile Mxakaza and Lady Du are no longer in a romantic relationship but remain good friends. Additionally, Lady Du's six-year-old daughter, Mia, is not Andile's child but from a previous relationship. Andile often shares Lady Du's promotional posters on his Instagram and supported her when she spoke out about mistreatment from her manager some months ago.


I Did It (Bum Bum)

Zuma song,

uZuma Yi Star


Kings X Queens







South African Music Award for Best Music Video of the Year (2022)

South African Music Award for Record of the Year (2022) 

South African Music Award for Tiktok Viral Song of the Year (2022)