Lupita Nyong'o and Selema Masekela have officially parted ways.

Lupita Nyong'o and Selema Masekela have officially parted ways, marking the end of their romantic journey. The announcement came from the renowned Black Panther star, who chose to share the news of their split via a heartfelt and lengthy Instagram post.

In her lengthy message posted on Thursday, Lupita disclosed that she finds herself in the midst of heartbreak. Their love, once vibrant, has been abruptly and painfully extinguished by deception. She admitted that her initial inclination was to retreat into the shadows, seeking solace and respite until she could confidently proclaim that her life was better without that love. However, her profound realization was that the magnitude of her pain was directly proportional to the depth of her capacity to love. Therefore, she made the courageous decision to confront this pain, embracing it as an integral part of her life's narrative, with the unshakeable belief that this, too, shall pass.

Lupita further expounded on her choice to make this deeply personal revelation public. She shared it not as an act of exhibitionism but as a beacon of hope for those who might be grappling with the relentless grip of heartbreak. Her desire was that the knowledge of her own experience could serve as a source of solace and wisdom for anyone else enduring the arduous journey of heartbreak. She encouraged others to face their pain with bravery and resilience, for within that pain lies an opportunity for profound personal growth and healing.

The details of Lupita and Selema's relationship timeline remain private, as the couple did not disclose the specifics of when their romance began. However, Elle magazine reported that Selema had openly expressed his admiration for the talented actress in the past. His hypothetical scenario of sitting behind Lupita on an airplane sparked curiosity and attention. 

On Selema’s 52nd birthday, the multi-award-winning actress posted a video montage of her boyfriend and wrote a very sweet message with it. She wrote that the universe deemed it fit to introduce this sunshine human into her orbit and that everyday is filled with #goodenergy and reasons to dance with her favorite playmate as she said Happy Birthday to the love of her life.

Lupita's openness about their romance included the simple statement, "We just click," affirming the deep connection they shared.

While Lupita has chosen to be candid about the breakup, Selema Masekela has not yet made any public statements regarding this chapter's closure on his social media platforms. This leaves space for both individuals to navigate this life transition in their own unique ways.