Mary Anne Barlow, an acclaimed South African actress and voice-over artist, has earned recognition and accolades for her outstanding performances. Best known for portraying the strong-willed Felicity Price on M-Net's "Legacy," she has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Internationally, Barlow has captivated audiences with her role as Vanessa on the British television drama series, "Wild at Heart." Her versatility extends to major characters in South Africa's prominent soap operas, including "Egoli," "Binnelanders," "Isindigo," and "The River."

Since her debut in the acting world in the 1990s, Mary Anne Barlow has consistently impressed audiences, seamlessly transitioning between antagonist and protagonist roles. Her incredible acting talent has solidified her status as a household name across the country. With each project she undertakes, it's almost a guarantee that Mary Anne Barlow will contribute to the success of the production. Her enduring presence in the industry reflects both her skill and the widespread admiration she has garnered over the years.

Early Life and Education

Born on November 21, 1973, in Harare, Zimbabwe, Mary Anne Barlow's roots are deeply embedded in Southern Africa. Her parents later made the move to South Africa, shaping the country into her cherished home.

In 1997, Mary Anne Barlow graduated with a Diploma in Dramatic Art, a testament to her early dedication to the craft. This educational milestone laid the foundation for her successful journey in the world of acting and performing arts.

Career Highlights

Mary Anne Barlow's illustrious career spans various mediums, showcasing her talent and versatility. In 1997, she graced the stage in the popular theatre play "Eskorts" at the Mandy Breytenbach Theatre in Pretoria, and in 2003, she took part in "The Vagina Monologue Excerpts."

Her television journey includes a lead role in the 2006 serial "Shado's" and the portrayal of 'Dr. Sam Jones' in Season 4 of the serial "Jacob's Cross."

Notably, Barlow gained widespread recognition for her role as 'Coreen McKenzie Edwards' in the acclaimed television series "Egoli: Place of Gold" from 1997 to 2003. Her international presence includes the role of 'Vanessa' in the British television series "Wild at Heart" since 2009.

Barlow has made significant contributions to the film industry with lead roles in movies like "Roxi" (2004) and "Mama Jack" (2005), alongside Leon Schuster. Her extensive television portfolio includes appearances in serials such as "Isidingo," "Binnelanders," "Ihawu," "Roer Jou Voete," and "Snitch."

In 2016, she took on the role of 'Margaret Wallace' in the television mini-series "Cape Town." From July 2020 to 2022, Mary Anne Barlow captured audiences' hearts as the lead role, 'Felicity Price,' in M-Net's inaugural and successful telenovela, 'Legacy.' Through her diverse roles, Barlow continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

Awards and Recognitions

Mary Anne Barlow's outstanding performances have earned her accolades and recognition in the entertainment industry. Notable among her achievements are:

2020 SAFTA Golden Horn Award: Best Supporting Actress in a Telenovela

- For her role as Gail in "The River" (2018).

2007 SAFTA Golden Horn Award: Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film

- Acknowledging her exceptional performance as Angela in the film "Mama Jack" (2005).


TV Series

Egoli: Place of Gold - 1991

Snitch - 2004

The Philanthropist - 2009

Wild at Heart - 2011

Cape Town - 2016

Black Sails -2017

Thula's Vine - 2017

Taryn & Sharon - 2017

The River - 2019

Legacy - 2020


Cape of Good Hope - 2004

Roxi - 2005

Mama Jack - 2005

Number 10 - 2006

Prey - 2007

The Last Rites of Passage - 2007

Diamonds - 2009

Winnie Mandela - 2011

Sheila - 2015

Farewell Ella Bella - 2018

Heks - 2020