Kgaogelo Moagi, widely recognized by his stage name Master KG, is a highly talented South African singer, disc jockey, songwriter, and record producer. His prowess in the music industry, particularly within the house music genre, has solidified his position as one of the best in South Africa.

In 2018, Master KG showcased his musical brilliance with the release of the Skeleton Move album, a body of work that garnered numerous nominations and awards, affirming his musical excellence. The success of his debut studio album, Skeleton Move, brought him national fame.

Not only acclaimed for his musical creations, but Master KG is also credited with introducing the Bolobedu dance move in South Africa, further showcasing his influence in the entertainment scene.

His debut studio album, Skeleton Move, received notable recognition, including an AFRIMA Award for Best Artist/Group in the African Electro category. Master KG's influence extends beyond his home country, with his music gaining international acclaim.

In 2020, Master KG released his second studio album, Jerusalema, which featured the internationally successful single "Jerusalema." This song, featuring Nomcebo Zikode and Burna Boy, achieved the remarkable feat of being certified diamond by FRA and topped the Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart.

Master KG's catalog includes popular tracks such as "Ngiyamthanda," "Jerusalema," and "Shine Your Light," reflecting his diverse musical talents. His journey in the music industry continues to make waves, and he remains a key figure in South African and global music landscapes.

Early Life and Education

Master KG, born on January 31, 1996, hails from Tzaneen in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Growing up in this vibrant region, he was notably influenced by his uncle, who gifted him a computer. This gift became a catalyst for Master KG's early foray into music, as he began crafting beats on the computer from the tender age of thirteen.

Even in his youth, Master KG exhibited a strong passion for music. In a bid to dedicate more time to his budding musical pursuits, he occasionally faked illness to avoid going to school, choosing instead to stay home and immerse himself in the creative process of producing beats.

Master KG's educational journey took place entirely in Tzaneen, South Africa, where he both started and completed his primary and secondary school education. In 2015, he graduated from Calais Secondary School in Maruleng Rural, Limpopo, marking the completion of his formal education.

This early exposure to music and the relentless pursuit of his passion laid the foundation for Master KG's remarkable career in the music industry, where he has become a celebrated figure both in South Africa and on the global stage.


Master KG's journey in the music industry began with a deep passion for music during his upbringing. He gained fame for creating the widely popular Bolobedu dance.

His foray into music started when he connected with DJ Maebela, and together, they delved into music software, particularly FL Studio. In 2016, after honing his skills, Master KG released his debut single, "Situation."

After signing with Open Mic Productions, his current record label, Master KG reached new heights with the release of the chart-topping single "Skeleton Move," featuring Zanda Zakuza. In September 2018, his debut album, also titled Skeleton Move, hit the charts, featuring collaborations with artists like Zanda Zakuza, Makhadzi, Team Mosha, and more. Master KG sings in Khelobedu, the language of the Lobedu People.

He gained international recognition, performing in countries like Zambia. In December 2018, "Skeleton Move" sparked controversy when it won Thobela FM's Song of the Year, causing a dispute among King Monada's fans.

In December 2019, Master KG released the global hit "Jerusalema" featuring Nomcebo Zikode. The song went viral in mid-2020, leading to international acclaim and a remix with Burna Boy. Despite a temporary takedown on YouTube in August 2020, the song earned Master KG numerous awards, including MTV Europe Music Awards, NJR Music Awards in France, Feather Awards, and African Muzik Magazine Awards. He signed a record deal with Elektra France.

At the 2020 African Muzik Magazine Awards, Master KG scooped three awards, including Best Male Southern Africa, Best Collaboration, Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year.

Continuing his musical journey, he collaborated with David Guetta and Akon on the single "Shine Your Light," released on May 26, 2021.

In September 2021, Master KG embarked on the Jerusalem Live Concert Tour to the United Kingdom, supporting his album alongside Zanda Zakuza. In early 2022, he rekindled his relationship with Makhadzi, culminating in the release of "Kulakwe" as they celebrated Valentine's Day together. Master KG's impact on the music scene continues to grow, making him a key player in the global music industry.


Master KG's exceptional musical talent has garnered him a multitude of awards, nominations, and recognitions in South Africa. Some of his notable achievements include:

2018 AFRIMMA (African Muzik Magazine Awards):

  - Award for Best Artiste, Duo, or Group in African Electro.

2018 Limpopo Music Awards:

  - Award for Best Dance Song.

  - Nominations for Best Music Video and Best Song.

2018 SABC Summer Song:

  - Award for Song of the Year.

2019 African Muzik Magazine Awards:

  - Award for Best Male Artist Southern Africa.

Personal Life

As of the available information, Master KG is not married, but he has been in a relationship with Makhadzi, a fellow South African singer. The couple initially kept their relationship private, dating for three years before making it public in 2020. However, in the same year, Master KG and Makhadzi decided to part ways.

In a turn of events, the couple reconciled and got back together in early 2022, reigniting their romantic connection. The ups and downs in their relationship have been a subject of public interest, reflecting the complexities that can accompany high-profile partnerships in the entertainment industry.


Master KG has released several songs and two albums since his debut in the music industry.


Skeleton Move (2018)

Jerusalema (2019)


"Skeleton Move" (featuring Zanda Zakuza) - 2018

"Remember" - 2019

"Jerusalema" (featuring Nomcebo) - 2019

"Jerusalema" (remix) – Master KG feat. Burna Boy & Nomcebo Zikode - 2020

"Jerusalema" (remix) – Master KG feat. Micro TDH & Greeicy & Nomcebo Zikode (2020) Dali Nguwe

"Shine Your Light" (with David Guetta featuring Akon) - 2021