Mihlali Ndamase has expressed her contentment in her current relationship, emphasizing that her partner, businessman Leeroy Sidambe, was not chosen because of money.

In the year 2022, the beauty influencer and content creator gained much attention because of her romantic life.

In episode 7 of "Unfollowed" on Showmax, Mihlali Ndamase shared with host Thembekile Mrototo that she often becomes a topic of discussion because people tend to look for flaws in her life.

She explained that when people have nothing negative to say about you, they'll try to find something, even a perceived weakness, to constantly criticize. But then, she emphasized that people's opinions have no bearing on her reality.

Mihlali emphasized that she is currently in a happy and loving relationship, and that should be the main takeaway for people.

There has been speculation and gossip about her new relationship, with some suggesting that Leeroy may not be legally divorced. Mihlali clarified that it was Leeroy who initiated their relationship, and they naturally developed a strong connection.

When asked if Leeroy's marital status raised concerns, she admitted that it did, but she made it clear that her financial independence was not reliant on her partner. She firmly stated that she has her own money."

Leeroy, on the other hand, recently publicly expressed his love for Mihlali in an Instagram Live video that went viral. He clarified that their love had been misinterpreted, and it was Mihlali who was spoiling him, not the other way around.

In an interview with Nounouche, Mihlali, who typically keeps her personal life private, expressed her wish that her relationship hadn't become a topic of public discussion, especially with a scandal attached to it. However, she made it clear that she wasn't bothered by people's opinions.

She mentioned that the timing of their social media posts about each other wasn't ideal, but it didn't affect her. Her partner posted about their relationship, and she simply reposted his story. She recognized that people would always have their opinions but remained unbothered by them.

Addressing the notion that she had "stolen" a man from another woman, Mihlali emphasized an important point. She stated that men should not be seen as possessions to be taken or claimed. She highlighted that individuals are responsible for their own choices and actions, and it's unfair to imply that men cannot make decisions for themselves. She pointed out the double standards often applied when it comes to holding men and women accountable for their choices in relationships.