Mome Mahlangu, the resilient businesswoman and mother of three, has finally broken her silence, shedding light on her journey since the announcement of her divorce from her estranged husband, Tol Ass Mo. In 2022, the comedian faced grave accusations of rape from Lerato Moloi, but he was subsequently cleared of these allegations. Fast forward to 2023, and Mo has openly confirmed that he and Mome are indeed heading towards divorce. Tol Ass Mo, whose real name is Mongezi Mahlangu, had an interview recently with DJ Fresh on his “What A Week” podcast. There, Mo made it clear that he and Mome are presently separated and are currently in the process of filing for divorce. Emphasizing on the circumstances that led to the dissolution of their relationship, Mo attributed the breakup to the natural evolution of individuals that  People grow and they grew apart. Furthermore, he acknowledged that their relationship had weathered numerous challenges and trials, which ultimately contributed to the decision to part ways. He emphasized that their separation and impending divorce stem from the personal growth and the multitude of struggles they have experienced together.

During these trying times, Mome Mahlangu endured five months of excruciating pain, a period she now bravely embraces and shares with the world. She believes in confronting pain head-on, inviting it into her life, and sitting with it. She describes how she had tea with her pain, seeking to comprehend its purpose in her personal growth and mental well-being. For five months, she struggled with this internal turmoil, and through this self-reflective journey, she has now chosen to release it, preventing the storing of anger within her beautiful soul. This transformative process has left her healed and imbued with a sense of calmness, while her reservoir of love and kindness remains undiminished.

Mome Mahlangu's experience has not only left her with scars but has also fortified her understanding of the role of God in her life. She believes that pain is an essential precursor to healing, emphasizing the importance of allowing the healing process its due time, free from haste or impatience. 

Amidst all the trials and tribulations, Mome remains resolute in her commitment to her children. She acknowledges the departure of others from her life but takes solace in the belief that God remains by her side. With unwavering strength, she continues to nurture and care for her children and manages her household. Mome Mahlangu firmly believes that her essence, both inner and outer, remains unaltered by external circumstances.