Nhlanhla Mafu Biography

Nhlanhla Sibongile Mafu Nciza, also recognized as Nhlanhla Mafu, stands out as a notable South African entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer, leaving an enduring impact on the global stage. She holds a significant position as one-half of the renowned musical duo Mafikizolo, earning widespread recognition and accolades, notably clinching the esteemed South African Music Award for Group or Duo of the Year three times.

In addition to her musical talents, Nhlanhla Nciza has established herself as a genuine style icon, presenting a unique fashion sense that pays homage to the richness of African culture. Her distinct taste in fashion has not only garnered attention but has frequently dominated headlines, overshadowing news unrelated to her musical and design endeavors. 

Nhlanhla Nciza intertwines melodic harmonies with captivating designs in her artistic journey, providing a peek into her vibrant and dynamic world. Through her creative expression, she resonates with authenticity, encouraging others to embrace their unique voices and creative aspirations.

Nhlanhla Mafu Biography – Early Life

Nhlanhla Nciza came into the world on March 15, 1978, in the beautiful town of Schweizer-Reneke, located in the North West Province in South Africa. Holding the position of the eldest child in her family, she has three younger brothers, contributing to a lively and vibrant household.

From a young age, Nhlanhla's love for music shone brightly, propelling her to prominence as a crucial member of Mafikizolo, a revered music group that has captured the hearts of many. Initially formed with three members, the tragic loss of Tebogo Madingoane in a heartbreaking road rage incident in 2004 left Nhlanhla and her partner to carry the torch and create magic as a duo.

It's important to highlight that while Nhlanhla Nciza may not hold a Ph.D., her intellectual prowess is evident in her musical pursuits. Recognized as one of South Africa's most astute and perceptive singers, Nhlanhla's intelligence permeates her artistic expression, adding depth and meaning to her captivating performances.

Nhlanhla Mafu Biography – Career

Nhlanhla Nciza's musical journey is intricately woven with the vibrant melodies of Mafikizolo, her artistic counterpart, and collaborator, Theo Kgosinkwe. Together, they have created a collection of remarkable tunes that warrant a special place on your playlist. Mafikizolo's songs delve into profound themes such as education, social consciousness, and the pitfalls of superficial connections.

Among the outstanding tracks that have made an indelible mark are the captivating "Ngeke Balunge," the enchanting "Love Potion," the rhythmic tapestry of "Emlajeni," the upbeat vibes of "Happiness," the timeless allure of "Udakwa Njalo," the infectious rhythm of "Kwela Kwela," and the resonant echoes of "Mmangwane," hailed as a pinnacle of their musical prowess.

As a vital member of Mafikizolo, Nhlanhla Nciza has played a significant role in the creation of several albums. They burst onto the scene in 1997 as a kwaito group, alongside their late member Tebogo Madingoane, who tragically passed away on February 14, 2004, shortly after the release of their self-titled album, "Mafikizolo." The journey continued with the release of their 1999 album titled "Music Revolution" and "Gate Crushers" in 2000, featuring hits like "Lotto" and "Majika."

Their path faced a significant challenge when a near-fatal crash led to Nhlanhla Mafu being hospitalized for a while. However, they bounced back with resilience and released their critically acclaimed album, "Sibongile," in 2002, which included the hit single "Ndihamba Nawe."

In 2003, the world was introduced to the debut album, "Kwela," followed by the enchanting opus, "Sibongile," four years later. 

The group was in excellent creative spirit and released another album, “Six Mabone,” a year later. 

In 2005, Mafikizolo released "Van Toeka Af," featuring tracks like "Nisixoshelani" and "Mas'Thokoze," among others. The following year, in 2006, they brought out "Six Mabone," which included hits such as "O Tswa Kae" and "Love Potion." Notably, "Six Mabone" was released just before their hiatus.

During their hiatus in 2009, they kept their presence alive with the release of a compilation album titled "The Best," which featured a new song, "Walila."

The group made a triumphant return in 2013, releasing the internationally acclaimed single "Khona," featuring Uhuru. The success of "Khona" continued as it was performed live at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2014, marking a significant moment in their musical journey.

Following their hiatus, Mafikizolo made a triumphant return in 2013 with the album "Reunited." This album not only garnered awards at the 20th South African Music Awards but also earned them recognition at various other award ceremonies. To promote "Reunited," they embarked on a UK Tour, performing in three cities: London, Manchester, and Coventry. The success of the album was further highlighted by a nomination for Best African Act at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards.

The positive reception of "Reunited" was so remarkable that four years later, in 2017, they released a follow-up album titled "20" to celebrate their 20th anniversary in the music industry. This album features notable tracks like "Love Potion" and the Yemi Alade-assisted "Ofana Nawe."

At the 24th South African Music Awards, the album "20" received three nominations and secured victories in the Duo/Group of the Year and Best Engineered Album categories. The recognition highlighted the continued success of Mafikizolo in the music industry.

After a three-year hiatus, the duo announced their upcoming album, which was slated for release in 2022. In November 2021, they released the single "Mamezala," featuring South African singer Simmy. The song achieved notable success, peaking at number 9 on the Radio Monitor Charts.

Following this, the track "10k," featuring South African singer Sjava, was released on June 10, 2022. Their twelfth studio album, titled "Idwala," was subsequently released on August 26, 2022.

Nhlanhla Mafu Biography – Personal Life

Nhlanhla Nciza's relationship was one of the most captivating in the industry. The multi-talented artist was married to TK Nciza, whose full name is Thembinkosi Nciza. Thembinkosi is a businessman and serves as an executive producer at TS Records. The two had been married for more than fifteen years before they decided to go their separate ways.

Many in the industry were taken aback when Nhlanhla Nciza announced the end of her 15-year marriage. The news, which made headlines across various media outlets, came to light on June 20, 2019, when Nhlanhla Nciza's Instagram became the focal point of attention. In a post on her Instagram page, the artist confirmed the challenges in her marriage, sharing a picture with her husband. The caption conveyed the message, stating, "After almost 15 years of our strong bond of marriage, my husband TK Nciza and I have come to a tough but amicable decision to bring an end to our union."

Expressing gratitude for the support received and acknowledging the time spent together, Nhlanhla mentioned her appreciation for TK's contribution to their family. Despite the decision to separate, she emphasized maintaining a positive relationship for the sake of their children, stating, "We shall remain on good terms and continue our endeavor to be great and exemplary parents to our children." Nhlanhla thanked the public for their support and urged respect for their privacy, especially concerning their children. The couple did not provide additional details about the reasons behind their decision. Interestingly, the announcement came shortly after Nhlanhla penned a touching Father's Day message to TK.

Before their separation, Nhlanhla Nciza and TK Nciza's union brought forth four children: three sons named Nkululeko Nciza, known as Ciza, Thamsanqa Nciza, and Luvuyo Nciza, and a daughter named Zinathi Nciza. Sadly, Zinathi Nciza passed away in an accident on December 7, 2009. Her untimely death deeply affected the family, particularly her mother. Nhlanhla experienced profound sorrow, evident in the transformation from Zinathi's bold smile to a pervasive sadness. The weight of grief was tangible, impacting Nhlanhla's well-being.

In an interview conducted a year after the tragic loss of her daughter, the singer shared a heart-wrenching message expressing the ongoing pain of the family. She said that they have made our peace with losing their little princess. 

Even in the wake of her daughter's passing, Nhlanhla speaks with great affection about Zinathi, underscoring the depth of her love for her. On what would have been her daughter's fifteenth birthday, Nhlanhla penned a touching message expressing the profound value she placed on her daughter. The heartfelt message read, "She would be 15 today, our beautiful princess Zinathi. There's so much I wanna say, but the words fail me. Can't believe it's been 9 years. My heart is filled with so much pain as if it were yesterday when you left us."

In 2023, it was revealed that Nhlanhla Nciza has found love once again and is in a relationship with a man named Jerry Mogapi, a businessman from South Africa. This revelation marked a new chapter in Nhlanhla's personal life, bringing joy and companionship after the challenging experiences she had faced.

Nhlanhla Mafu Biography – Discography

  • Love Potion
  • Khona
  • Sendekera
  • Emlanjeni
  • Mazuva Akanaka
  • Ofana Nawe
  • Ndihamba Nawe
  • Colors Of Africa
  • Happiness
  • Kucheza
  • Ndifuna Wena
  • Udakwa Njalo
  • Kwela kwela
  • O Tswa Kae
  • Mas’thokoze
  • Don’t Go
  • Nisixoshelani
  • Ondenzantoni
  • Gugothandayo
  • Nakupenda
  • Munt’omnyama
  • Marabi
  • Yek’ Umona
  • Makhwapheni
  • Majika
  • Sibongile
  • Msheli
  • Summer Wave
  • Nxese
  • iNkomo?
  • Loot
  • We are more