Comedienne and television presenter Nina Hastie embarked on an emotional journey as she looked back on her remarkable decade of sobriety. In an Instagram post, she expressed her profound gratitude to those who had been instrumental in her transformation.

Nina's sobriety voyage began on October 16, 2013, and on the day of this monumental milestone, she took to her Instagram timeline to celebrate. Her heartfelt words resonated with the depth of her emotions. She wrote that she was just really grateful to be alive, and she was grateful to so many people who have contributed to her sober life—people who helped her even when she was still inactive. She said she has so many people whose houses she had slept at and couches she slept on, and so many people who were so very kind to her along the way and in her sober journey who have supported her, given her opportunities, and believed in her.

Nina also bravely opened up about the challenges she faced during her third year of sobriety. She recounted the difficult period when she lost nearly everything. She said she suffered from severe depression and anxiety; she was miserable, negative, and broke and angry. She hated everyone, most of all herself. She had run out of love and favors. She lost her car, her house, her friends, and her family.

Sobriety journeys have been a subject of reflection and inspiration among public figures. Kwaito legend and pastor Kabelo Mabalane recently shared his remarkable 21-year journey of sobriety, attributing his success to grace and the strength derived from reaching the end of oneself.

Celebrities have increasingly embraced the opportunity to share their personal stories of sobriety. Stephanie Ndlovu, for instance, recently discussed her own journey on her YouTube channel, highlighting the positive impacts on her health and well-being. She explained that for the past four months, she hasn't had alcoholic beverages. She stated that one of the reasons was her health. She said that she has been on a weight-loss journey, and she found out that when she had a drink, it seldom ended at one glass of wine, and then when you convert all those calories, it goes to a bit of a binge weekend, so she had to stop it because it was not helping her in any shape or form. But then she clarified that it wasn’t the actual reason.