Cassper Nyovest, the well-known rapper, has been making headlines this year, and he recently shared some valuable advice for young and aspiring artists. He also urged South Africans to put the happenings in the country into prayer.

During his 'Solomon' album launch, he stirred up the internet when he vowed to confront haters who criticized his music. Now, he has directed his attention towards warning aspiring artists about X, previously known as Twitter.

Cassper Nyovest's message to young artists is clear: he urges them to prioritize building a real life outside of the virtual world. He conveyed this message on X, stating that Twitter is not a real place; it's a bubble. He went further to say that they should build a real life for themselves so that they don't have to escape to feel any kind of euphoria. He advised them to get out there and live their lives.

After sharing this tweet, people on X had mixed reactions. Some agreed with his statement, such as @Officialcollinc, who simply said, "Real," and @Sabza52716816, who said Syabonga grootman, these are wise words. @UNKLE_K25 added that upcoming artists should take this advice and build something on it. @B_Bisto replied that people tend to forget that social media is a virtual world and it can be shut down at any minute.

However, not everyone was in agreement. @ChumandeSkoti pointed out that it's no wise words for him. saying that twitter is paying now, and @Fntse stated that twitter has real-life consequences, saying, "Ask Dr. Mathew Lani and Lady Zamar."

@BaneleGaza brought up an interesting perspective, saying, that this statement would be so much easier to practice if the people responsible for curating stuff didn't sit in front of their laptops and expect them to bring their realities here. He went further to say that if they had real scouts that reported activities of the streets while in there, then they wouldn't be there.

@Dearmanqoba had a positive note to add, saying that if it wasn't for this platform, he wouldn't have known about Cassper's  album, Solomon.

In summary, Cassper Nyovest's advice to young artists is to balance their online and offline lives and not get too caught up in the virtual world, as it can be quite different from reality.