South African Gospel Singer, Sechaba Pali is mourning the loss of his partner and love of his life, Nompilo Kunene, who died on 10 September following an automobile accident.

The incident occured in Welkom while the couple were traveling together.

They had hired a car in Johannesbourg and drove to Welkom were the singer was performing. Nompilo often traveled with Sechaba for his performance as she doubled as his manager.

Thebe, the younger sibling of Sechaba and the family's spokesperson, tells Drum that his brother is struggling greatly with the loss.

"Mpilo was the object of his affection. They have been together for many years. When I video-called them while they were away, they were themselves as usual. Sechaba and I laughed at her as she sang and danced during our video conversation because they were happy.

"When the disaster occurred, they were traveling together. She was driving when the collision occurred. The vehicle flipped over and settled on her side. My sibling escaped with only minor injuries. Because he has previously been in a vehicle accident, he has a fear of hospitals. He only proceeded to the hospital because the ambulance was transporting Mpilo to the facility.

"According to what we've been told, the doctors received her and rushed her into surgery, where she died," he says.

There were conflicting reports that Nompilo and their son died together, but Thebe asserts that this is not the case.

The parents were working in Welkom while the children were left in Johannesburg.

Their two children are seven and one years old.

According to Thebe, the couple were traveling to their next performance at the time of the accident, but they did not make it.

He notes that the hitmaker Eloyi is struggling.

"My brother is shattered," explains Thebe.

"They were content. Oh, she was so adorable! Do not misunderstand, she was tough because any woman who dated my sibling had to be. However, she was a delightful person to be around. She was vivacious. She was a mediator and a constant source of support."

Thebe states that the family is requesting donations in order to retrieve Nompilo's cadaver from Welkom.

"There was only one source of income because my sibling is the sole provider. He is the primary provider for the family. The cadaver must be transported from Welkom to Johannesburg, where she resided. However, her grandfather is instructed that she must be buried in their KwaZulu-Natal residence.

"Transporting her to Johannesburg and back to KZN will be very expensive. Her memorial service will be held in Johannesburg, where her companions reside. I am presently in the process of establishing a public account for donations."