Earlier this year, Sikhumbuzo Mazibuko who goes by the stage name, Midnight Uzo, the daughter of Bathabile Dlamini, launched her music career by establishing her own record label, called Kahle Records after her graduation from Stellenbosch University. Mazibuko pursued her music studies at Stellenbosch University. She also has skills in playing multiple instruments and singing opera . She strongly supports women's rights and has expressed her aspirations to become a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness because of her own personal experience of struggling with mental illness since a young age.

She told TshisaLIVE that she created this label not only to safeguard her own music as a new and independent artist but also with the aim of providing a platform to support women in the arts sector. She envisions Kahle Records as a space that empowers women by assisting them in distributing their work and ensuring a safe working environment. In the future, she aspires to sign and nurture other emerging musical talents. 

Midnight Uzo expressed her profound connection to music, describing it as a source of intense comfort. She explained that she finds music to be the most effective way to convey the story of her life, saying that much of her music is composed during the darkest moments of her depression as well as during the periods of heightened energy and enthusiasm that come with being manic. She also said she has a deep interest in the arts in general, recognizing its potential to build and strengthen communities. For her, community is synonymous with support and growth, and she believes that engaging in the arts is not only personally fulfilling but also a great deal of fun.

Discussing the arts, especially from a female perspective, holds great importance for Midnight Uzo. She emphasized the need for candid and open conversations about what occurs behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. These discussions provide a platform for women to share their experiences and perspectives honestly, fostering understanding and collaboration among people from diverse backgrounds.

Midnight Uzo also stressed the significance of artists carving out their own paths. In her view, entering the world of the arts automatically places artists in a position where they become their own businesses. They are responsible for their work, the feedback they receive, and how they interact with their audience. This, in turn, allows artists to gain a deeper understanding of the music industry.