Dalom Music, founded by the renowned Dan Tshanda of Splash, is an independent label that has been a driving force for various artists, including the Dalom Kids, Matshikos, Peacock, and Patricia Majalisa. This label has played a significant role in shaping the Southern African music scene, with artists enjoying widespread success and frequent regional tours.

The Dalom Kids, a trio of female performers from South Africa, began their musical journey as backup singers for Patricia Majalisa and Splash. Their passion for dance and singing led to the formation of the Dalom Kids, blending gospel-like chants, folk, afro-pop, and electronic disco music with a touch of mbaqanga. Throughout the 1990s, they dominated the South African music scene with several hits.

Formation and Evolution of the Dalom Kids

Daniel Tshanda from South Africa gathered three girls and named them Dalom Kids, a name given to him by friends. In 1987, Petronella Rampou and Jacqueline Rotwana joined Dan Tshanda's Splash as backup singers. Then, in 1989, Dan brought in Martha Nzaima to complete the trio. Due to the pressures of showbiz, Martha left, and Magdeline Zungu took her place.

In 2001, Petronella Rampou passed away, and Sthembile Zungu and Jacqueline Rotwane resigned from the group in 2001 and 2012, respectively. Dalom Kids is more than its members; they can always be replaced. New members joined, including Jabulile Sambane (41 years), Busisiwe Manku (24 years), and Ntombizodwa Tshabalala (31 years). Jabulile Sambane became the lead vocalist in 2001, replacing Jacqueline Rotwana. Under the guidance of Daniel Tshanda, the group released over 16 albums until his passing in early 2019. Tshanda, also the music producer, ensured each track and album resonated with fans. Dalom Kids' songs remain popular, characterized by catchy melodies, energetic rhythms, and lyrics telling tales of love and life.

Their music has captivated fans nationwide, elevating their notoriety. The Dalom Kids are recognized for their unique blend of traditional South African music and contemporary Pop, earning a special place in music enthusiasts' hearts. Their success demonstrates how music can bring people together, transcending barriers. Their music celebrates life, expressing both joys and difficulties. Every note and song reflect their dedication to art and fans. The Dalom Kids serve as genuine inspiration in the music industry, and their legacy will endure for years to come.

Dalom Kids' Discography and Achievements

The first album by Dalom Kids, Mbalembale, reached double platinum, and Mathambo (1990) was also successful with the hit 'Nomathemba.' Ndincedeni (1991) achieved double platinum with the hit 'God of Mercy.' During pre-election violence, they released the forgiveness-themed Sixolele (1992). Subsequent albums include Bazolungu (1993), Ncedani (1994), achieving gold status in one week, Izidunduma (1995), Greatest Hits (1996), Ndivhiseni (1997), Nomalizo (2001), and Awulaleli (2004). The revised lineup continued yearly album releases until 1997, and less frequently thereafter.

The current Dalom Kids members, led by Jabulile Sambane, include Busisiwe Manku and Ntombizodwa Tshabalala, recording under Gallo Record Company and Gallo Music Productions. Their last album before Dan Tshanda's death, Revenge, was released in 2011. The recent album, Forgiveness, consists of 11 songs, including a tribute song, "We Celebrate You," dedicated to the late founder, Dan Tshanda. The prolonged hiatus was due to members leaving and another's passing, but the group is now back in action with a complete lineup.

Jabulile emphasizes that the group maintains its traditional disco splash music, adding dance beats for the younger generation in songs like Reverse and Bana Remix. She assures fans that Dalom Kids will always be around, promising a hit album that will evoke memories. The group operates as a close-knit unit, treating each other as sisters.

Sylvia Tshanda, Dan's wife and group manager, acknowledges the challenge of working without him but expresses gratitude for the knowledge he imparted. In the new album, she took on roles as a producer and songwriter, ensuring it retains Dan's touch. Songs in the album include Hayani, Sisele Nawe, Hoza Chomi, and Sicela Uxolo. The group is committed to delivering the best music to their fans.

Jabulile credits much of their success to producer Dan Tshanda, highlighting the close bond between the three members. Stepping into the shoes of someone who did a lot for the group was challenging, but with the support of other members, Jabulile felt believed in and respected. Under her leadership, they released albums like Nomalizo (2001), Awulaleli (2004), Hamba (2007), and Revenge (2011), achieving gold and platinum status. The albums showcase the enduring success of Dalom Kids in the music industry.

The Renewal of the Dalom Kids

The prominent South African Mainstream Pop band has consistently produced a plethora of well-known music throughout their enduring career. "Ndincedeni," among their most popular songs, showcases a soothing and lyrical rhythm that seamlessly harmonizes with the group's vocal dynamics. Another hit, "Ditsala Tsame," demonstrates their versatility with a faster tempo.

In addition to these two tracks, The Dalom Kids have released other renowned songs such as "Awulaleli," "Ndilambile," and "God of Mercyen." Fans of Mainstream Pop music in South Africa and beyond have warmly responded to these songs due to their distinctive sounds.

The band has also introduced tracks like "One Way," "Keneilwe," "Izindunduma," "Mr. Promise," and "Keneilwe," contributing to the group's devoted following and solidifying their position in the music industry.

The "Celebrate" album, released in 2017, showcases The Dalom Kids' unique fusion of energetic rhythms and soulful vocals. Songs like "Phansi Emjondolo" and "S'Thandwa Sami" quickly became fan favorites, with lyrics that resonate directly with listeners' hearts, celebrating life and love.

Their most recent hit, "Kiya Kiya (Wolololo)," published in 2021, attests to their enduring presence in the music business. The song, characterized by its upbeat and danceable nature, has already garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube. The release of "Forgive Me" in 1994, a soulful ballad showcasing the group's vocal range and emotional depth, reflects a return to some of their earlier work.

In summary, The Dalom Kids have reaffirmed their standing as a major player in the South African music scene. Their recent works serve as evidence of their brilliance and unwavering dedication to their craft. The future promises even greater achievements for this legendary group, delighting their dedicated followers.

List of Dalom Kids Albums (1990 - 2021)

Mathambo (1990)
Ndincedeni (1991)
Sixolele (1992)
Bazolungu (1993)
Ncedani (1994)
Dalom Kids Izindunduma (1995)
Potjie (1996)
Ndivhiseni (1997)
Nomalizo (2001)
Awulaleli (2004)
Mbalembale (2007)
Hamba (2007)
Revenge (2011)
Celebrate (2017)
Revenge (2017)
Forgiveness (2021)