Tyla, the rising South African pop star, is currently basking in the glory of her international success as her music continues to top the charts worldwide. One of her standout singles, 'Water,' has been dominating the airwaves, and her achievements are stacking up. Recently, she made history by becoming the first South African artist to amass 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify, a testament to her growing global fanbase.

The 21-year-old artist recently added another feather to her cap by appearing on an international TV talk show. She was a guest on 'Bianca,' a Swedish talk show hosted by influencer and singer Bianca Ingrosso.

Tyla's journey to international fame has been marked by remarkable milestones. From rubbing shoulders with Kim Kardashian to being the opening act on Chris Brown's tour, she's proving herself as a rising star in the pop music scene.

During her appearance on 'Bianca,' Tyla was asked about her experience sitting in the front row at the D&G Spring/Summer 2023 show, right next to the famous Kardashian reality TV star and businesswoman. She couldn't contain her excitement as she shared how surreal it felt to be in such proximity to Kim Kardashian. According to Tyla, Kardashian even introduced herself to her. Tyla's outfit for the occasion, a laminated leather dress, caught the attention of many, particularly because it was the same dress Lady Gaga wore for her iconic 'Paparazzi' single cover back in 2009.

The interview resonated with South Africans, who recognized Tyla's distinctive phrase, "Yoh guys." They applauded her for staying true to her South African accent and roots, appreciating her authenticity on an international stage.

During the conversation on 'Bianca,' Tyla and Ingrosso discussed the success of 'Water' and Tyla's unwavering determination to become a pop star. She shared that 'Water,' a song she dubs as the "song of the summer," is all about telling a guy to stop talking and start showing his intentions.

Beyond her music career, Tyla aspires to be an inspiration to young African children. She hopes to achieve this by realizing her dreams of becoming a pop star and collaborating with top artists such as Drake and Rihanna. Her ambition to use her success to inspire the youth of Africa showcases her dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of music.