Trevor Noah What Now?

Fans of comedian and author Trevor Noah are eagerly anticipating the launch of his forthcoming podcast, "What Now? with Trevor Noah," which is set to premier on the 9th of November. This podcast promises to offer a captivating and insightful experience as Trevor engages in in-depth and freewheeling conversations with some of the world's most influential and renowned figures.

This exciting venture is a collaborative effort, produced by Trevor Noah and Ben Winston, along with Jenna Weiss-Berman and Max Linsky, under the banners of Day Zero Productions, Fulwell 73 Productions, and Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios. Spotify's enterprise podcast platform, Megaphone, will host and distribute the series, with Spotify serving as the exclusive sales partner.

Sponsors for this podcast venture include notable names like Amazon, Audi, Microsoft, Prize Picks, Smirnoff, and Starbucks, adding a significant layer of support and resources to the project.

In anticipation of the podcast's launch, Trevor Noah expressed his enthusiasm to TshisaLIVE, stating that he was excited to be joining Spotify on a fun new adventure where they participate in intriguing and significant discussions with some of the most captivating individuals across the globe. He went ahead to say that they will probably fix every single issue humankind has ever faced, making it more fascinating for his audience to keep up with every episode.

Julie McNamara, the head of Global Podcast Studios, praised Trevor Noah's unique voice and storytelling abilities, highlighting how they're a perfect fit for captivating storytelling in the world of podcasts. She expressed excitement about collaborating with him to create an original podcast that combines his humor, insightful commentary, and expert interview skills on a global scale.

Trevor Noah's departure from "The Daily Show" in December, after seven successful years, was a significant milestone in his career. He explained that he took this step to catch up on experiences he missed during his busy years. He stated that he spent two years in his apartment and not on the road. He emphasized that stand-up was done, and anytime he got back out there again, he realized there's another part of his life he want to carry on exploring. He highlighted how he missed connecting with people, sharing meals in South Africa, and traveling with loved ones. Trevor looks forward to embracing life, self-expression, personal growth, and new experiences as he embarks on this exciting new podcast journey.