Zakeeya Patel, an enduring presence on the small screen, is not just a beauty but a talented force to be reckoned with. Her goddess-like looks are complemented by her unwavering commitment to delivering stellar performances whenever she graces the set.

With a mastery of the art, Zakeeya Patel has left an indelible mark by featuring in a diverse array of shows and movies. Her talent extends beyond acting, as evidenced by her triumphant participation in several reality shows where she emerged victorious.

Zakeeya Patel's career journey reads like a masterpiece, with her skills carving a path to numerous shows and movies. This journey reached new heights when she was chosen as a judge for the esteemed reality show, Presenter Search. Notably, her triumph in the 2016 edition of Strictly Come Dancing further solidified her status as a versatile and accomplished entertainer. Zakeeya Patel continues to shine, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of television and entertainment.

Early Life and Education

Zakeeya Patel, born on January 6, 1988, in Durban, South Africa, is a proud South African with a rich cultural heritage. Her father's side carries the legacy of Indian descent, while her mother's side adds the vibrant Coloured heritage to her roots.

Educationally, Zakeeya Patel's journey led her to The University of Cape Town, where she graduated with a BA Honors Degree in Theatre and Performance. This academic accomplishment laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in the world of entertainment, showcasing her commitment to the art of storytelling.


Zakeeya Patel's journey in the entertainment world has been marked by significant achievements and diverse roles:

2005: Television Soap Opera Debut

Zakeeya Patel made her mark by portraying 'Samantha Sharma' in the popular television soap opera "Isidingo." The show's subsequent popularity attested to her acting prowess.

2006: Dancing with the Stars Champion

In a thrilling turn of events, Zakeeya Patel emerged victorious in Season 6 of the South African competition "Dancing with the Stars," showcasing her versatility beyond acting.

2012: Comedy Film and Stage Play

Zakeeya Patel ventured into the world of film, appearing in the comedy "Material" in 2012, taking on the role of 'Aisha Kaif.' The same year, she worked with acclaimed American activist and writer Eve Ensler in the stage play "Emotional Creature."

2018-2020: Film and Series Roles

Her career continued to flourish with roles in various projects, including the film "The Docket" (2018), the Netflix original series "Shadow" (2019), and the Showmax thriller film "The Girl from St. Agnes" (2019).

2019-2020: Film Performances

Zakeeya Patel took on diverse roles, from a supportive role in the film "3 Days to Go" (2019) to starring in the sequel to the 2012 film "Material," titled "New Material" (2020).

Personal Life

In a heartwarming journey, Zakeeya Patel shared a joyous moment with her fans some years ago when she posted a picture wearing a stunning ring beside her partner. The caption revealed that she was officially off the market, prompting congratulations and celebrations from her fans.

Zakeeya Patel tied the knot with her love, Rob Price, in November 2017 after over two years of dating. Rob, an economist, became Zakeeya's husband in a vibrant ceremony held in Durban. The wedding was a captivating blend of Xhosa and Indian cultural elements, adding a unique touch to the celebration.

Expressing their desire to embrace diversity, Zakeeya shared that they did not want a traditional wedding, so they decided to borrow certain aspects from different religions and cultures. The ceremony began with Zakeeya's grandmother offering an Islamic prayer, followed by readings from the Bible by Rob's sister and mom. The cultural richness was further enhanced as Rob's brother-in-law conveyed his wishes in Xhosa.

Their love story continued to evolve as the couple embarked on a new chapter, moving to Los Angeles, California, in December 2019. Zakeeya Patel and Rob Price's journey is a testament to love transcending cultural and religious boundaries, creating a harmonious union that spans continents.



Material - 2012

Nothing for Mahala - 2013

Previously on Childrens Hospital Africa - 2013

Die Pro - 2015

The Jakes are Missing - 2015

3 days to Go - 2019

New Material - 2020

Television Series

The Wild - 2013

High Rollers - 2013

7de Laan - 2014

Mzansi Love: Big City Love - 2014

Skizas - 2014

Isidingo - 2015-2016

Thula's Vine - 2017

The Docket - 2018

The Girl from St. Agnes - 2019

Shadow - 2019