Manaka Ranaka, a seasoned South African actress best known for her role in "Generations: The Legacy," is gearing up to exchange blows in the boxing ring with the exotic dancer and reality TV star, Zodwa Wabantu.

The saga began when Manaka Ranaka posted a video on her social media, challenging Zodwa Wabantu to a boxing match. She wrote on her Instagram page that she was challenging Zodwa to the #InfinityBoxing and asked her to accept the challenge if she will.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Zodwa enthusiastically accepted the proposition and reciprocated the enthusiasm on her Instagram timeline.

The original matchup was slated to be between Zodwa and Khanyi Mbau, with the fight scheduled to take place at the Ridge Hotel in Mpumalanga on October 22. The event was brought to life by Arnold "Squire" Nododile, who holds the role of promoter for Infinity International Boxing. Nododile, having acquired a promoter's license with BSA just three months prior, envisioned this as a historic occasion, as he stated that this will be the first female celebrity exhibition boxing match on the African continent since such fights have become integral to the evolution of boxing worldwide."

While Zodwa readily confirmed her participation, Khanyi Mbau, a popular media personality, vehemently denied her involvement in the event. Zodwa, in her enthusiasm earlier, stated that it's been a long-awaited moment and she can't wait to step into the ring. She also acknowledged Infinity International Boxing for making it possible. In contrast, Khanyi Mbau disavowed her participation, firmly asserting that she was not part of any fight with Zodwa, saying that she is a lady and her brand doesn't align with such activities.

Amidst the growing excitement and anticipation surrounding the match, controversy emerged when the sports, arts, and culture department in Mpumalanga voiced its discontent. The department was upset with Arnold Nododile and his company for using their logo on promotional materials without the necessary authorization. Bhutini Ngoma, the director of sports and recreation, clarified that the department had not granted permission for the logo's usage. He also emphasized the need for event organizers to follow proper procedures when applying for funding.

This celebrity boxing event has garnered widespread attention and is expected to be a significant moment in the world of female celebrity boxing on the African continent. As the story continues to unfold, fans and followers eagerly anticipate further updates and the eventual showdown between Manaka Ranaka and Zodwa Wabantu.