Minnie Dlamini has agreed to become the next official host of Miss World South Africa in exchange for a contract extending over the course of two years.

The well-known TV personality is familiar with the process of winning a beauty contest because she was crowned when she was still in school.

"As a pageant girl, I am pleased to join this franchise and cheer on the girls who now stand exactly where I stood a number of times when I competed in pageants. Bright-eyed and full of optimism, stunningly gorgeous, and most importantly, on a mission to alter the reality for many people who are denied opportunities around the world.

Carol Bouwer is quoted as having said, "I admire the many young women who have come to epitomize excellence in broadcasting in South Africa, and when I look at Minnie, I see many of the qualities we possessed at her age as women in broadcasting!"

I am also pleased with the efforts she has made to distinguish herself from others. I recently worked with her as well as Thando Thabethe amongst the industry heavyweights who were in the room when we adjudicated the International Emmy Awards. Watching two young women I admire walk in and hold their own in such a historic environment."

On October 28th, the contest to choose the next Miss World South Africa will take place at the State Theatre in Pretoria.

The news comes amidst rumors of a child custody drama between the actress and her ex-husband, Quinton Jones.

Throughout the course of this year, we have witnessed several of our favorite celebrities go through both joyous and very difficult moments. One of the most difficult things is when they post about things that are happening in their lives, and their fans feel wounded as a result of what they say.

Minnie Dlamini and her husband, Quinton Jones, have been separated for some time now, as was made public some time ago. Up until this point, everyone was under the impression that the couple's divorce was amicable. The actress from "The Honeymoon" hasn't said much about her divorce from her ex-husband, but she has posted photographs on social media of herself and her son having a good time.

A photo that the celebrity just recently put online demonstrated that she was the one going through the most. She uploaded a picture of herself and her son to social media with the remark, "Imagine being someone trying to take a baby from its mother." The tweet was met with quick responses from fans, who mentioned that going through a divorce may be challenging, particularly in situations where both spouses do not wish to split custody of their children.

"Yoh divorce is such a complicated phenomenon and very tricky when kids are still young and can't make their own decisions on who to side with," commented @Neuoe1 on Twitter. "Yoh divorce is such a complicated phenomenon and very tricky when kids are still young." Sometimes, from the perspective of children, there are no sides, but it could just be a caption about nothing more than that. The star has received adulation from the fans.