Moonchild Sanelly, the renowned singer and songwriter, recently made the decision to take a step back from social media. In an announcement shared on her Instagram page, she revealed her intention to go on a temporary hiatus, citing her feelings of being overwhelmed and the need to cut communication off completely.

She candidly expressed her feelings in a post on her Instagram timeline, saying that she’s off social media for a bit. She wrote that she’s a little overwhelmed at the moment and would probably switch off her phone for a week. She further said that she needed to reclaim her sanity. In her words, she said, “If it's urgent, you know who to call.”

In response to her announcement, Moonchild's followers flooded her mentions with messages of support and encouragement, assuring her that she should take all the time she needs to recuperate. They sent messages of love and positivity, reinforcing the idea that it's essential to prioritize mental well-being.

One of her followers expressed their support, writing, "You're doing the right thing, sis. Sending you love and hugs." Another well-wisher said, "Wishing you a speedy recovery." This outpouring of empathy and understanding reflects the strength of the online community that surrounds Moonchild.

Moonchild Sanelly's decision to step back from social media isn't an isolated one in the entertainment world. Media personality Dineo Ranaka, for instance, had previously taken her own social media hiatus in early March. Upon her return to the socials, she shared a three-part video series titled "Find Your Feet," in which she candidly explained the reasons behind her period of silence.

In her videos, Dineo shared her introspective journey, stating that she has been doing a lot of thinking. She said that she has reflected on how she’s been feeling, her life experiences over the past three years, and how they've impacted her emotionally. She further revealed her struggle with stress, anxiety, and the need to find a way to navigate through the psychological trauma that life had presented her with.

During her hiatus, Dineo took time to engage in self-discovery and introspection, resulting in a shift in her perspective. She spoke about this transformation, saying, that she has had deep conversations with herself and has realized that the solutions she’s been seeking were causing her more stress, anxiety, and mental congestion. She further said that it was a valuable lesson in reevaluating and reframing her outlook on life.

Both Moonchild Sanelly and Dineo Ranaka's decisions to take breaks from social media serve as powerful reminders of the importance of prioritizing mental health and self-care in an age of constant digital connectivity.